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Chapter 11: 1 Iron Single-Length Irons/Golf Clubs

A note on custom fitting:

All human beings share the same skeletal, muscle, tendon, and joint functions.  From a mechanical standpoint we are all the same regardless of height, weight, or sex.  Non-mechanical differences arise in custom fitting.  For instance, the height of a bicycle seat needs to be greater for a tall person than a short person.  However, the mechanics of the bicycle remain constant for everyone.  For this reason there is only one true “fitting” variable in custom golf club building and that is the wrist-to-floor measurement of the golfer.  Based upon this measurement we adjust the golf shaft length to the ideal lie angle that we use to ensure that the mechanics of the One Iron Golf Systemare realized by each individual golfer.

Golf Club heads:

There are a few design features you should always look for in golf club heads:

  1. Low center of gravity – helps to get the ball airborne and produces a greater transfer of swing force to the golf ball at impact.
  2. High moment of inertia – aids in squaring the club face at impact.
  3. Bounce – deters “fat” shots.

1 Iron single-length iron club heads have possibly the lowest effective center of gravity in golf.  In addition they have an extremely high moment of inertia.  There is a 3º bounce angle incorporated in all of the irons with the exception of the sand wedge which has a 6º bounce angle. 

Golf Shafts:

​The design of our golf shafts in combination with our proprietary Shaft Optimization Processproduces a perfectly balanced golf club (all other brands use stock shafts with no balance criteria whatsoever).  Once this perfect balance is achieved the concept of shaft flex disappears and the golf club will perform at its peak performance level regardless of swing speed or strength.  You can liken it to a precisely balanced bull whip where there is a perfect transfer of power along its length from the butt to the tip regardless of the strength of the person using it. Our golf clubs are played by professional golfers with extremely high swing speeds and played by women golfers and seniors with very low swing speeds.  The results of our studies and testing over the past thirteen years have shown that our shafting method produces the highest level of performance for any golfer.  Also, we are the only golf club manufacturer to perform shaft flex plane orientation as part of our proprietaryShaft Optimization Process.  If a golf club is shafted without regard to its inherent flex plane the shaft will try and rotate around its axis to a position of stability during the swing which creates an oscillation of the shaft and club-head. 

Golf Grips:

Our tests have shown that more control and power is achieved through the use of oversize grips.  The size of these grips promote a much stronger bond between the golfer’s hands and the golf club resulting in more control, improved accuracy, and a greater transfer of  swing force.  We use oversize grips on all of our 1 Iron single-length irons and woods.

The most forgiving irons I’ve ever played in my life.  No more strolls in the woods for me after switching to your single length irons.

Jim - NC

I haven’t been able to hit a “long iron” effectively in fifteen years.  Now I'm hitting my one length #3 and #4 irons like I was born with them in my hands.

Fred - Germany

I tested a couple of other brands of single length golf clubs but they felt clunky to me and did not perform well.  However, after playing your 1 Iron - single length irons for only four rounds I'm completely sold.

Jake - The Villages, FL

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