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One Iron Golf System Single-Length Golf Clubs

​Single-Length irons were used to win four times on the PGA Tour during the 2018 season which validates what we have been promoting for over 20 years. We began developing the concept of Single-Length play in 1995 when we coined the term “Single Length Irons,” and up until just the past few years we were the only ones in the golf industry who offered Single-Length golf clubs. However, once our research, testing, philosophy, and golf club designs had been tour proven and our concept of Single-Length play had become immensely popular world-wide a number of brands popped up to “jump on the bandwagon,” using our research and golf club designs as a basis to create and offer their own lines of Single-Length irons.

David Lake

In the decade prior to the turn of the century our founder, David Lake, began developing, what later would become, the One Iron Golf System and the basis for Single-Length play. David, a highly regarded professional golf club designer, had always been skeptical of the need for the standard 1/2 inch length increments between clubs within a set of conventional golf clubs. Acting on this skepticism, David began an in-depth study of the dynamics of golf clubs in relation to playability. Early on it became apparent that the progressive incremental length increases between successive golf clubs had no affect on distance but a progressively negative affect on playability. Simply put, the longer the golf club the harder it is to make consistent center face contact. David knew that there had to be an easier, more consistent approach to the game and the obvious but overlooked answer was that all of the golf clubs within a specific design grouping (ie: irons, fairway woods) should be built to the same club length with the same clubhead lie angle, weight, shafting, offset, bounce angle, etc. And, extremely important, the clubs should be custom fitted to the individual golfer – this is imperative for single length play. One size does not fit all in the context of single-length golf clubs.

In 1998 David published the results of his findings in his book ”One Iron Golf…the common sense approach to better golf,” which sparked immediate interest in the concept of single-length golf clubs throughout the golf industry (free download). Since that time David has been featured in many golf magazine articles and media interviews and is recognized as the world’s foremost authority on single-length golf club design. His 1 Iron line of golf clubs continues to be the Gold Standard against which all makes of single-length golf clubs are judged.


…at 72 years old I thought that I’d have to give up golf but my new one-length irons from your company have rejuvenated my game.
Paul R. – MN

…my only regret is that I didn’t buy your one-length golf clubs ten years ago!  Great clubs.
Randy F. – FL

…I can’t explain it but my new 1 Iron  single-length golf clubs felt right for me straight out of the box.  Your custom fitting is spot on.
Jack M. – FL

…best clubs ever made!  Shots soar high and land like butterflies with sore feet.  Running shots are extremely predictable and easy to control.  Sold on single-length irons
Samuel R. – England

…I can honestly state that my jaw dropped the first time I hit your single-length #3 iron.  The ball sailed through the air like a Ben Hogan shot and I can repeat it 9 out of 10 times.  Unbelievable consistency and a great set of golf clubs.
Steve – NY

…I’m amazed at the high quality and high performance of my 1 Iron  one-length irons.  I’ve shot the best rounds of my life since receiving these clubs.
Karl – Germany

..I hit every one of my one-length irons 3 to 4 yards farther than my Pings and with a lot more accuracy. Fantastic equipment.
Sam H. – KS

…my average distance has increased by 3 yards with each iron in my set since I switched to theOne Iron Golf System. But more importantly it’s consistent distance since my ball striking has improved so much with your golf clubs.
James F. – CA

…I’ve gained 5+ yards with each of my single-length irons and have a consistent 10 yd gap between each one.
Curtis S. – CO

…I’ve been dropping darts on the pin ever since I started playing your single-length golf clubs…great golf clubs.
Mark D. – IL

…For the first time I won our club championship. Thank you One Iron Golf System for these fantastic one-length golf clubs.
Sam – Australia

…your 1 Iron  one-length irons out-perform any clubs I’ve ever played in every category.  Love ‘em.
Billy – FL

…best ever round in my life, a 78.  My buddies keep asking for my secret but I am not telling.  I like collecting all the bets.  The One Iron Golf System and their single-length irons is my secret.
Tom. – GA

…been playing your single-length irons for five years and will never go back to conventional golf clubs again.  You’ve made golf fun again.
Mike. – TN

…my new single-length golf clubs fit me perfectly and are very comfortable to play. At 70 years old I need all the advantage I can get.  Thank you.
Phil. – TX

…beautiful one-length irons and solid play.  Much better than the other brands. Thank you!
Frank. – London England

…no sooner had I unpacked my new Pro-line single-length irons then I was hitting the shots of my life.
Jake – Australia

…the workmanship of your Blackstone single-length irons is the best I’ve seen and they fit me perfectly.
John – Australia

…not only are your 1 Iron single-length golf clubs fantastic, your customer service is second to none.
James – UK

…after years of keeping my same handicap with no improvement in sight my Blackstone single-length irons have helped me to drop 5 strokes in less than four weeks – I’m thrilled.
Chuck – OK

…at 65 years young your single-length irons have helped me to compete against players far my junior.
Randall – New Zealand

…I just turned 70 and bought myself a one-length iron birthday present.  Happy Birthday to me!!!  The clubs are amazing.
Charles – Florida

…the most forgiving irons I’ve ever played in my life.  No more strolls in the woods for me after switching to your single-length irons.
Jim – NC

…I haven’t been able to hit a “long iron” effectively in fifteen years.  Now I’m hitting my one-length #3 and #4 irons like I was born with them in my hands.
Fred – Germany

​…as a 20 handicap I was hesitant about buying yourPro-line single-length irons but in one month my handicap has dropped 8 strokes and still going down.
Clark – FL

​…I tested a couple of other brands of single-length golf clubs but they felt clunky to me and did not perform well.  However, after playing your 1 Iron  single-length irons for only four rounds I’m completely sold.
Jake – The Villages, FL

…your single-length irons have taken my game to a level I did not believe possible.  Thank you One Iron Golf.
Gill – CA

​…I didn’t realize that I had a problem aligning my clubface accurately at address until I played your Blackstone one-length irons.  Now I’m dropping darts on the green.
Jeff – OH

…my new set of 1 Iron single-length irons fit me perfectly and for the first time I feel completely natural making a golf swing.
Tim F. – CA

…I can’t explain it but my new Pro-line single-length irons just feel right straight out of the box.  Your custom fitting is right on target.
Jack M. – FL

…my golf pro was amazed at how well you custom fitted my new single-length irons – perfect!
Rob G. – TN

…as a PGA Pro I custom fit clubs for my students so I know a precise fitting when I see it.  My Blackstone single-length irons  are indeed precise and fit me perfectly.
Dick S. – AZ

…I was kind of leery about your shafting until I went to the range the first time and hit a bucket of balls.  I’ve never been able to hit shots like this—long and straight.  Thank you fir the best set of single-length irons on the market.
Donald K. – PA

…highest level of quality I’ve ever seen in a set of golf clubs and your customer service has been outstanding.
Kirk H. – TX

…I had been playing graphite shafted clubs for the past five years and was hesitant about switching to steel – until I played your 1 Iron  single-length irons.  These are the most comfortable irons I’ve ever played.
Jim R. – KY

…quality exudes from these clubs and they play just as good as they look.  My handicap has already started dropping.
Chris W. – UK

…just a note to let you know that I am extremely impressed with the quality and custom fitting of my new single-length irons.
Ed H. – NJ

…after years of struggling with clubs that never fit me my 1 Ironshave made golf fun again.
Dave P. – TX

…the quality and workmanship of my 1 Iron single-length irons is second to none.  And they play better than they look.
Ron F. – UK

…who says that wives can’t keep up with their husbands on the golf course.  I’ve beaten my husband three times in the past month using my new single-length irons and the One Iron Golf System.
Sandy – Ohio​

…others have come out with single-length irons recently but they are just copying what you’ve been doing for 20+ years.  I have never played irons that even came close to your level of performance.
George H. – CA​

…this is my 5th year playing your single-length golf clubs and my handicap is still dropping.
Gordon F. – England

…I’ve set a couple of new scoring records at the Villages in Florida playing your single-length irons.  Great clubs!
Bob K. – FL

The most forgiving irons I’ve ever played in my life.  No more strolls in the woods for me after switching to your single length irons.

Jim - NC

I haven’t been able to hit a “long iron” effectively in fifteen years.  Now I'm hitting my one length #3 and #4 irons like I was born with them in my hands.

Fred - Germany

I tested a couple of other brands of single length golf clubs but they felt clunky to me and did not perform well.  However, after playing your 1 Iron - single length irons for only four rounds I'm completely sold.

Jake - The Villages, FL

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