The Ideal Single Length Golf Swing – Part III

by David Lake

I certainly hope that you enjoyed Parts I and II of the Ideal Single Length Golf Swing newsletters. We received more feedback from this series than any other Swing Tips newsletter in the past fifteen years – all positive.

​In this newsletter I would like to touch on a point that was brought up by a vast majority of our subscribers and 1 Iron players. That point being that if you incorporate the swing instruction from the Ideal Swing newsletters while using conventional golf clubs you will have to learn and ingrain thirteen different “ideal” swings. On the other hand, if you play 1 Iron single length golf clubs you only have to learn and ingrain one golf swing. When playing conventional golf clubs with varying lengths, weight, flex, and clubhead lie angles your swing plane, address posture, ball position, and timing need to change from club to club and is the reason that the average golfer finds it practically impossible to achieve consistent solid ball contact throughout their set.  However, when playing your 1 Irons this becomes automatic.

The high level of ball striking consistency that is inherent in a single length set of golf clubs is something you have to experience to believe. Moe Norman, who is considered to be the best ball striker who ever lived, played single length golf clubs throughout his entire competitive career as did Sir Henry Cotton (winner of numerous British Open titles), and many others.

The combination of the “ideal” swing and a set of 1 Irons will definitely help turn your game around and you will enjoy golf like never before.