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  • 11 piece iron headcover set.
  • Transparent plastic viewing window that displays the iron or wedge's number on the sole.
  • High quality, durable and waterproof neoprene construction.
  • Easily slips on and off.
  • Protects your clubheads from dings caused by banging around in your bag.
  • Non-returnable
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The most forgiving irons I’ve ever played in my life.  No more strolls in the woods for me after switching to your single length irons.

Jim - NC

I haven’t been able to hit a “long iron” effectively in fifteen years.  Now I'm hitting my one length #3 and #4 irons like I was born with them in my hands.

Fred - Germany

I tested a couple of other brands of single length golf clubs but they felt clunky to me and did not perform well.  However, after playing your 1 Iron - single length irons for only four rounds I'm completely sold.

Jake - The Villages, FL

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