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Single-Length play is the future of golf

David Lake

  • Extreme ball striking consistency - eliminate fat or thin shots.
  • Stunning accuracy and control with every iron in the bag.
  • Mid handicapper: average 10+ stroke reduction in handicap.
  • Low handicapper: eliminate those last few strokes.

For over 20 years our 1 Irons have been the industry standard for Single-Length golf club design and performance.  In fact, up until the past few years we were the only manufacturer of Single-Length irons and woods world-wide.  Our company single-handedly developed, promoted, and proved Single-Length technology to the golfing world through two decades of dedicated research, testing, and product development.  The result is the three lines of irons that we currently offer, each of which exceeds anything available on the market today in both quality and performance.

There is no substitute for experience.


Competitor Comparison Chart

Competitor Comparison Chart

Independent Maltby Playability Factor (MPF) testing conducted by

The GolfWorks resulted in our 1 Irons being classified as

Ultra Game Improvement irons

(The Maltby Playability Factor is the golf industry standard for iron playability classification)

Definition of Ultra Game Improvement irons:

  • All players benefit.
  • The absolute easiest to play golf club designs.
  • More consistency.
  • Best distance.
  • Highest technology available.
  • Most popular with tournament pros.

Maltby Playability Factor (MPF) classifications:

  1. Ultra Game Improvement (highest)
  2. Super Game Improvement
  3. Game Improvement
  4. Conventional
  5. Classic
  6. Player Classic (lowest)
One Iron Golf 1 Iron 853 Ultra Game Improvement
Cobra King F7 One Length 776 Super Game Improvement
Cobra King F8 One Length 715 Super Game Improvement
Cobra Forged One Length 579 Game Improvement

There is a reason we have been the #1 brand of Single-Length irons world-wide for 20 years.


We only offer our optimized steel shafts in our irons and fairway woods.  The design of our golf shafts in combination with our proprietary Shaft Optimization Process produces a perfectly balanced golf club (all other brands use stock shafts with no balance criteria whatsoever). Once this perfect balance is achieved the concept of shaft flex disappears and the golf club will perform at its peak performance level regardless of swing speed or strength. You can liken it to a precisely balanced bull whip where there is a perfect transfer of power along its length from the butt to the tip regardless of the strength of the person using it. Our golf clubs are played by professional golfers and long-drive champions with extremely high swing speeds and played by 70 and 80 year old senior golfers with very low swing speeds. In each case the golfer will realize their optimum trajectory, distance and control/accuracy.  The results of our studies and testing over the past two decades have shown that our shafting method produces the highest level of performance for any golfer.

We are also the only golf club brand to perform shaft flex plane orientation (Spine Align/Puring) as part of our Shaft Optimization Process. If a golf club is shafted without regard to the inherent flex plane of the shaft it will try and rotate around its axis to a position of stability during the swing which creates an oscillation between shaft and club-head. This oscillation results in the club-head literally wobbling through impact. However, when the shaft is correctly oriented in respect to its inherent flex plane it will resist twisting to any other position when placed under load and will remain stable and on-line through impact. The feeling is that the club-head is riding on rails through the impact zone resulting in a much higher degree of ball striking consistency with a maximum transfer of power at impact.


We only install our 1/8” oversize grips produced exclusively for us by Lamkin.  We have found through our testing over the past twenty years that this type and size of grip produces a much greater degree of surface to skin contact than standard grips which allows for a greater transfer of swing force and a much higher degree of control and accuracy.

Quality Control

Our golf clubs are manufactured in the USA and every club goes through a twelve point quality control inspection process before being shipped to the customer.  This is unlike all of the other brands who mass produce their golf clubs through factory assembly lines in China by unskilled Chinese workers with very little quality control inspection whatsoever.  Our golf clubs are custom built by highly skilled club-making professionals who constantly check and double check the dynamic and custom fitting specifications for each individual order and we keep these specifications on file forever.​

Designed Advantage

Through the application of physiology it can be found that there is an ideal swing posture/swing plane that optimizes your skeletal and muscular functions to maximize both power and control in your golf swing. Through extensive testing performed at the One Iron Golf Testing Center we have found conclusively that the ideal swing posture and swing plane for iron play is produced through the incorporation of a 63.5º club-head lie angle.  The combination of this lie angle with your properly fitted club length forces you into this ideal swing and posture resulting in complete skeletal and muscular optimization (proper club length is based upon your wrist-to-floor measurement.  Since a set of 1 Irons are custom built to your ideal single club length in relation to the ideal lie angle you will be assured of a stunning increase in your level of ball striking consistency, power, and accuracy.  You will be as confident hitting your #3 and #4 irons as you are with your #9 iron and wedges and will gain distance with every iron in your set over your old irons.  Click on the following link for a detailed analysis of the main components that determine distance:  Insight on Distance

​To provide a clearer understanding of the consistent ball striking you will experience, imagine that you are on the 18th fairway getting ready for your approach shot to the green.  With a set of 1 Irons it makes no difference which iron you pull out of the bag because you have practiced this exact same shot 30 times over the course of your round.  Every time you have hit an iron during the round you have used the exact same swing with the exact same ball position and, in essence, the exact same iron.  Therefore your shot to the 18th green is like your 31st mulligan.  Simply put, the consistency this produces in your iron play is truly stunning.​

Consistent Distances​

Unlike conventional golf clubs, 1 Irons are designed with a consistent incremental 4 degree loft angle progression between successive clubs.  This means that since you are using the same swing and ball position with each club you will get an exact and consistent yardage gap between all of the golf clubs within your set.  This can only be achieved with a single-length set of golf clubs and certainly not with a conventional set where the incremental loft angle progression varies from club to club.

The most forgiving irons I’ve ever played in my life.  No more strolls in the woods for me after switching to your single length irons.

Jim - NC

I haven’t been able to hit a “long iron” effectively in fifteen years.  Now I'm hitting my one length #3 and #4 irons like I was born with them in my hands.

Fred - Germany

I tested a couple of other brands of single length golf clubs but they felt clunky to me and did not perform well.  However, after playing your 1 Iron - single length irons for only four rounds I'm completely sold.

Jake - The Villages, FL

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