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How to Play Your New 1 Irons

Getting the most out of your Single Length golf clubs ​The best golfers in the world will agree that the two major factors contributing to their ability to play championship golf are: 1) Equipment; and, 2) practice/effort.  You have already addressed #1 by purchasing a set of 1 Irons which are of the highest quality […]

Conventional vs Single Length Golf Clubs

I am constantly amazed when golfers boast about their conventional sets of irons being “custom fitted” and, therefore, producing enhanced and consistent performance. The concept of being “custom fitted” for a set of conventional golf clubs is ridiculous in that you still end up with 13 clubs (excluding the putter) of different lengths, weights, shaft […]

The Truth about Golf Club Length

The Truth about club length as it relates to Single Length golf clubs I have been asked many times how I came up with the concept of single length golf clubs over 20 years ago. The fact is that I did not come up with the concept at all, although I was not aware of […]

The Truth About Golf Shaft Flex

There is no standardization in the golf industry as to shaft flex which means that one brand’s stiff flex shaft might be the equivalent of another brand’s regular flex shaft, and a particular brand’s regular flex shaft might be the equivalent of another brand’s senior flex shaft, and so on. Add to this the fact […]

The Truth About Golf Grip Size

A question that is always asked is “What is the correct grip size?” The simple answer is none. Although this answer runs contrary to what is promulgated throughout the entire golf industry it is a fact. Let me explain: Since Lucy walked the earth five million years ago the evolutionary process has revolved around the ability […]

The Truth About Golf Club Loft Angles

Remember when you asked your playingpartner what club he hit on a par #3?  Those days are long gone.david lake, president golf inc. There is no standardization in the golf industry today as to loft angles which means that one brand’s #7 iron might be the equivalent to another brand’s #6 iron. Most golf club brands these days […]

Golf Club Fitting Myth

Terms like 1″ over “standard” or lie angles being 1º or 2º upright or flat from “standard” have no meaning whatsoever. The reason is that there is no standardization in the golf industry as to club length, loft angles, or lie angles and these “standards” vary widely between manufacturers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of pro-shops […]

Insight on Distance with Single Length Golf Clubs

We are led to believe that longer golf clubs produce greater swing speeds on a linear scale and thus more distance. This is the explanation given for the 1/2″ increase in club length between the individual irons and woods within a conventional set of golf clubs. In actuality, the only static factor that results in […]

What Golf Clubs Do the Pros Play?

I recently read an article in Golf Digest about Tiger Woods being fitted for irons by TaylorMade. In the article they were talking about tweaks being made to the clubs that were required by Tiger such as changes in loft angles, lie angles, center of gravity, as well as shafting options, etc. This is a […]

Cleaning Your Golf Clubs

Most golfers do not realize the importance of playing with clean golf clubs and that a dirty set of clubs is costing them strokes on the golf course. Grass and dirt stuck in the grooves on the face of a club completely negates the design benefits of a grooved clubface entirely. Also, the oil and […]

Developing Your Single Length Iron Swing

I have been coaching golfers for many years and the first thing that I tell them is to stop thinking! For whatever reason, golf is the only sport where the participant actually thinks himself out of good performance. For instance: Have you ever thought about how to throw a ball to someone, actually thinking of […]

Don’t Let Your Arms Interfere with Your Golf Swing

You have read in many of my past newsletters the concept of letting the arms just go along for the ride during the golf swing. What this means is that you want your arms to be relaxed and free of any tension throughout the entire swing motion – they should simply transfer the power generated […]

Solid Golf Ball Striking with Single Length Irons

All of our customers are referred to the Playing  page of our website to provide tips for playing single length golf clubs. The thrust of these tips is that, although you already have the single swing ingrained to use with all of your 1 Iron single length irons, the mental challenge of using just this one swing, set-up, […]

Improve Your Iron Play with Single Length Irons

The dynamics of ball contact with an iron are the same whether playing conventional or Single Length irons.  We have all been told to hit down on the ball, but what does this mean? Simply put, it means making contact with the ball just prior to reaching the lowest point in your swing arc. The […]

Wedge Play with Single Length Irons

The term “wedge” holds no specialized meaning as wedges are nothing more than the logical extension of a set of irons whether they be conventional irons or single length irons. In other words, for all practical purposes a PW could be called a #10 iron, GW an #11 iron and so on. The only truly […]

Wrist Putting

All of us golfers who refer to 30 and 40 year olds as kids, can remember when the dominant putting technique on tour was the wrist putt. Arnold Palmer was probably the most famous wrist putter, although virtually all the pros used it. Well, Jack Nicklaus came along and the wrist putt disappeared overnight. As […]

Hitting the Driver

The very nature of a driver and its designed purpose makes it a very individualistic golf club requiring its own swing, etc. Due to the fact that it is the only club in the bag that does not make contact with the ground through impact, has the lowest loft angle of any golf club, and […]

Adding Power to your Golf Swing

Swing force refers to the power you develop during the backswing and apply during the downswing through impact. Practically all of this power stems from the torque created as the torso is rotated around the hips during the backswing. When this torque is at its peak the downswing begins and unleashes this built up power […]

Developing Consistency with Single Length Irons

The most important factor influencing any part of your golf game is consistency. A consistent swing leads to consistent ball striking which leads to lower scores. 1 Iron Golf single length irons and woods were designed specifically to address the issue of swing consistency in golf since they are identical throughout a set. An often overlooked factor […]

Let the Golf Club do the Work

Every golfer at one time or another has heard the instructional phrase “let the club do the work”. Although we have all heard it and probably have recommended it to beginning golfers most people do not have the slightest clue as to what it means. Simply put, it means exactly what it says: do not […]

Golf Ball Insight and Comparison

Golf balls are available in many different brands and types. A few of the different types include one piece, two piece, various compressions, numerous cover materials, and dozens of different dimple patterns. The plethora of differing types of golf balls and the dozens of brands on the market makes choosing one very difficult. I would […]

Improving Over the Winter with Single Length Golf Clubs

The end of the golf season for us folks living north of the Mason-Dixon line is swiftly approaching and it is about time for us to store our golf clubs in moth balls – right? Wrong. This is the best time to begin improving your swing for next year. It sounds contrary that you can […]

The Ideal Single Length Golf Swing – Part I

We receive numerous emails concerning the ideal golf swing for single length golf clubs and how to learn it. The Playing page of our website goes through the basics and stresses the most important points (ie: swinging around the body and eliminating lateral sway from your swing). However, from the questions we receive it is apparent that […]

The Ideal Single Length Golf Swing – Part II

Let’s start the backswing, and we will do it from a right-handed perspective so as not to get too confusing. From the address position discussed in Part I all you need to do is to turn your torso to the right so that your back faces the target. You want to keep your arms and […]

The Ideal Single Length Golf Swing – Part III

I certainly hope that you enjoyed Parts I and II of the Ideal Single Length Golf Swing newsletters. We received more feedback from this series than any other Swing Tips newsletter in the past fifteen years – all positive. ​ In this newsletter I would like to touch on a point that was brought up […]

Speed Training for more Distance

Do What the Olympians Do The Olympics as well as every collegiate track program incorporates speed training in their practice regimens. This is also something that has been adopted in every sport where speed of movement is an integral part of overall performance. In golf this means enhanced swing speed for increased distance. The basis of speed […]

Fun Golf Facts

You’re not the only one to lose your golf ball in the water. In fact, just at the Stadium Course at Sawgrass’ 17th hole alone, more than 125,000 golf balls a year are hit into the water. Though it is nearly impossible to accomplish, an Oakland University student named Kassandra Komma recently scored two hole-in-ones […]

The most forgiving irons I’ve ever played in my life.  No more strolls in the woods for me after switching to your single length irons.

Jim - NC

I haven’t been able to hit a “long iron” effectively in fifteen years.  Now I'm hitting my one length #3 and #4 irons like I was born with them in my hands.

Fred - Germany

I tested a couple of other brands of single length golf clubs but they felt clunky to me and did not perform well.  However, after playing your 1 Iron - single length irons for only four rounds I'm completely sold.

Jake - The Villages, FL

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