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Just like all golfers you have a single favorite club that you hit perfectly every time you pull it out of the bag.† Why do you have just this one favorite club out of your entire set?† It is because it is the only one that actually comes close to fitting you properly and allows your body to make its most fluid and powerful swing.† It is simply common sense that in order for you to realize your true golfing potential all of the clubs within your set should be built to the same fitting and dynamic specs as this favorite club thus producing an entire set of favorite golf clubs (same length, weight, flex, lie angle, etc.).† A custom fitted set of single-length golf clubs produces a stunning increase in consistent ball striking, distance, and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels and is the premise of the One Iron Golf System.† For seventeen years 1 Iron Golf, Inc. has been the worlds largest manufacturer of single-length sets of golf clubs.† Imagine being able to hit your #3 iron with the same ball striking consistency as you do your wedges.

The illustration above show clearly why it is virtually impossible to develop consistent ball striking skill with conventional golf clubs having varying club lengths and lie angles. Add to this the different ball positions required at address with each golf club and the deficiencies of conventional golf clubs become readily apparent.† With custom fitted single-length clubs you use only one swing with only one address and ball position producing the highest level of ball striking consistency possible.


One Iron Golf System


Conventional golf clubs are built in 1/2 inch length increments with varying club-head lie angles throughout a set.† This means that besides the driver and putter you carry 12 clubs having 12 different lengths and 12 different lie angles.† Consequently, in order to develop your full ball striking potential with conventional golf equipment you have to learn and master 12 different swings with 12 different swing postures, 12 different swing planes, and 12 different ball positions.† Considering that even the pros who average hitting 1,000 golf balls per day cannot master them all what chance do you have?

The answer is: none.


Since all the clubs in a set of 1 Irons are the same length (custom fitted), weight, flex, and lie angle you can eliminate all of those extra unnecessary swings that you are now using and concentrate on just one swing and ball position.† From that point on you are ingraining your one true fluid and powerful swing deeper and deeper with every shot you hit.†


There is an old saying:


"Beware of the man with only one gun - he knows how to use it" here to compare your current set with single-length golf equipment

Designed Advantage


Through the application of physiology it can be found that there is only one ideal swing posture/swing plane that optimizes your skeletal and muscular functions to maximize both power and control in your golf swing.† Through extensive testing performed at the 1 Iron Golf Research and Testing Laboratories we have found conclusively that the ideal swing posture and swing plane for iron play is produced through the use of a 63.5ļ club-head lie angle.† The combination of this lie angle with your properly fitted club length forces you into this ideal swing and posture resulting in complete skeletal and muscular optimization (proper club length is based upon your wrist-to-floor measurement here for measurement instructions)† Since a set of

1 Irons are custom built to your ideal single club length in relation to the ideal lie angle you will be assured of a stunning increase in your level of ball striking consistency, power, and here for club lengths


Increased Power


Our testing of hundreds of golfers (including professional golfers) has shown that your highest swing speed with an iron is attained when you are hitting your favorite iron.  Every time you switch to an incrementally longer or shorter iron your swing speed decreases.  The reason is that you have the greatest degree of confidence with your favorite golf club which allows you to make your most fluid and powerful swing.  Every time you move up or down one or two clubs your confidence level decreases and you will unconsciously slow down your swing in order to make good ball contact.†

1 Irons are custom built to fit you correctly and allow you to make your best and most confident swing.† You will experience an overall increase in power as well as a decided increase in your control and accuracy.† You will be as confident hitting your #3 and #4 iron as you are with your #9 iron and wedges and will gain distance with every club in your set over your old golf clubs.


Consistent Distances


Unlike conventional golf clubs, 1 Irons are designed with a consistent incremental 4 degree loft angle progression between successive clubs.† This means that since you are using the same swing and ball position with each club you will get an exact and consistent yardage gap between all of the golf clubs within your set.† This can only be achieved with a single-length set of golf clubs and certainly not with a conventional set where the incremental loft angle progression varies from club to club.

...I hit every one of my

1 Iron Golf clubs 3 to 4 yards farther than my Pings and with a lot more accuracy. Fantastic equipment.

Sam H. - KS average distance has increased by 5 yards with each iron in my set of 1 Irons. But more importantly itís consistent distance since my ball striking has improved so much with your golf clubs.

James F. - CA


...Iíve gained 5+ yards with each of my

1 Irons and have a consistent 10 yd gap between each one.

Curtis S. - CO


...Iíve been dropping darts on the pin ever since I started playing your† 1 Irons...great golf clubs.

Mark D. - IL


...For the first time I won our club championship. Thank you 1 Iron Golf for these fantastic clubs.

Sam Ė Australia


...your 1 Irons out-perform any clubs Iíve ever played in every category.† Love Ďem.

Billy - FL ever round in my life, a 78.† My buddies keep asking for my secret but I am not telling.† I like collecting all the bets.

Tom. - GA


...been playing your 1 Irons for five years and will never go back to conventional golf clubs again.† Youíve made golf fun again.

Mike. - TN


...Iíve played graphite shafts for ten years but your steel shafts are more comfortable and give much better performance.† At 70 years old I need all the advantage I can get.† Thank you.

Phil. - TX


...beautiful irons and solid play.

Frank. - London England sooner had I unpacked my 1 Irons then I was hitting the shots of my life.

Jake - Australia


...the workmanship of your 1 Irons is the best Iíve seen and they fit me perfectly.

John - Australia


...not only are your

1 Iron Golf clubs fantastic, your customer service is second to none.

James - UK


...after years of keeping my same handicap with no improvement in sight your 1 Iron Golf clubs have helped me to drop 2 strokes in less than four weeks - Iím thrilled.

Chuck - OK 65 years young your 1 Iron Golf† clubs have helped me to compete against players far my junior.

Randall - New Zealand


...I just turned 70 and bought myself a 1 Iron Golf birthday present.† Happy Birthday to me!!!† The clubs are amazing.

Charles - Florida


...who says that wives canít keep up with their husbands on the golf course.† Iíve beaten my husband three times in the past month using

1 Iron Golf Clubs.

Sandy - Ohio


...I have come up a few strokes short of earning my tour card at Q-school two years in a row. I started playing

1 Iron Golf Clubs last month and have dropped the last few strokes from my game. I am sure that I will earn my card this year with these clubs and can truthfully say that I could not have done it without your golf clubs.

Jim T. - TN


...these are the most amazing golf clubs I have ever played.† Distance, accuracy, consistency - itís all there

Fred U - OH


...the change in my game is truly unbelievable.

Mike C.- CA

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Ideal swing plane

Ideal swing plane

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