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Beautiful club!…

1 Irons
Customer (Perth, AU)

1 Irons

Head Covers for Irons
CR (Orange, US)
Made the switch from hybrids to single length hybrid irons

Best golfing move I've ever made. Used to play with all hybrids due to back issues. When I switched to single length hybrid irons my golf game improved immediately. Read the playing tips page when you purchase: An easy, comfortable and controlled swing does produce much better ball striking, distance, and accuracy. Don't try to overpower the shot. You will not regret making the switch.

Used/Demo Blackstone Irons
Bob M. (Royal Oak, US)
Ordered Full set of blackstone irons and a 3 wood.

So far so good, looking forward to getting outside with them.

Individual Blackstone Irons - Left Hand
Bryan P. (Collingwood, CA)

Being new to golf I loved the idea of not having to change my swing adjusting to club length. Great clubs and great service

Pro-Line Irons
karl a. (La Louvière, BE)

as usual top !!!

Regal Irons
John M.
New Confidence in my iron play

I'm hitting straighter, higher shots with plenty of back spin. I'm more consistent with flushing shots in the sweet spot. I love the gold finish.
My only struggle right now is the mental adjustment that I'm not hitting conventional length irons and figuring out how to set up and strike the 3 and 4 iron. I love the oversize grips and large club face. My second round with these irons, I shot a new personal best for my local course... if I could just stop 3-putting! ;)

Perfect bag for the 1 iron set of clubs!

Just learning how to golf but love having clubs that are the same length. Same size fairwoods and same size irons. Seems to make it easier to learn. Still learning so get in touch with me later and might up my star rating.

Just been hitting the 55 in the back yard and I’m very pleased. Can’t wait to take the rest of the clubs to the range!

Used/Demo 1 Irons
Lorin C. (Pearl City, US)
1Iron Believer

First thing first, for a demo/used set of irons they were received in excellent condition, not a scuff on them. Prior to purchasing this full set of single length irons I was gaming another manufacturer. Those irons did help improve my game but I still felt inconsistent. I researched the specs on the irons and found that all the irons had different weights, lies and offsets. That’s where I realized that is where most of my inconsistencies were. Because I was used to the setup of a single length iron I went straight to the course. My game was the same but I wasn’t discouraged because I was making better contact. 5 rounds in and I have to say I am about 4-5 strokes lower because I am hitting a few GIR’s per round and I have gotten used to my wedges when I don’t. I am a believer that these irons will lower my score even more throughout the season. Hope to break 90 soon and hopefully lower!

Used/Demo 1 Irons
Steven J. (Sioux Falls, US)
1 Iron

My irons were shipped fast and free. I live in South Dakota so haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. They are sold as used but they look like new, also there was an additional 15% discount taken off the price.

Used/Demo Pro-Line Irons
Rick (Las Rozas de Madrid, ES)
Better than my Talormade M2s

I love these irons. It almost feels like I'm cheating out on the golf course because I have an unfair advantage over my golfing buddies who use conventional irons. Can't wait to hit the 1 Iron driver

Individual Blackstone Irons - Right Hand
William W. (Largo, US)
Confidence in my swing

I like the one swing approach to my irons!

Regal Irons

Fantastic clubs

Blackstone Irons
Richard C. (Williamsport, US)

Haven't tried them yet. Leaving for Flordia on the 12th. Will let you know then. Hopefully I will like them.

1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
Dalton B. (Santa Fe, US)
Really getting use to them now

Used my new one irons for 4 rounds so far.
Impressed with the clubs. Glad I bought them.

Pro-Line Irons
Phil K. (Oneida, US)
Gave it a shot

Clubs were nice looking and arrived in new condition. Being in WI i was relegated to playing off mats at simulator centers. Practiced at a few to get a feel for the clubs and distanced. Showed no appreciable difference in disbursement and distance from my regular set. If anything 5 and 6 irons were a tad shorter. I did notice that the clubs seemed to scuff on the bottom easily. Maybe the mats? Customer service was great.. very responsive to questions, shipping issues . Since i am returning them, I’ll know better how the CS is after i see how fast the return credit is issued. To be fair, i definitely would consider revisiting these irons once the real gold weather happens in WI where i can hit off grass.

Blackstone Complete Sets
Todd A. (Davenport, US)
One Iron Golf

Solid feel while striking the ball, very balanced. Love how they fit!!

Blackstone Complete Sets
Robert L. (Indianapolis, US)
Blackstone Complete Set

Clubs look incredible & oversized grips feel vey comfortable.
Snow & cold in Indiana this time of year so will have to wait until spring to try them out🤞🏻

Distance Clips
Edward M. (The Villages, US)

This is my second set of distance clips. The only complaint I have numbers disappear to quick might work better if they’re engraved

Pro-Line Complete Sets
Brad B. (Tucson, US)
Hit straighter

Bought Pro-lines 5w, 7w, 5i-PW. I love the same setup, ball position, and more upright posture for each iron. This results in much straighter shots for me. The only variable now is the difference in lie and turf on the course. The woods are easy to hit and also are consistently straighter. Distance is a little shorter with my slow swing speed, but is improving as I develop confidence to swing faster. I love keeping the ball in play. I am a 6 foot 4 inch 65 year old bogey golfer, and am seeing more consistency in shots, and lower scores.

Pro-Line Irons
Brad B. (Tucson, US)
Wedge set, Pro-line

I like the full set of Pro-lines I bought, so I ordered the GW, SW and LW. I like the longer club length compared to my old wedges, allowing me to stand a little straighter. The SW is working well in traps, similar to my old SW. I am getting used to chipping with the 3 degree less lofted LW, which is coming along fine. I haven't used the GW much and am trying to figure out how to better incorporate this club in my game (never owned one before).

Used/Demo 1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
kelvin k. (Auckland, NZ)

great buy works fantastic