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Individual Blackstone Irons - Right Hand
John D. (Dallas, US)

Great Customer Service!

Blackstone Irons
Jeff R. (Maryville, US)
Black stone irons

Picked up a set of black stones awhile ago, was time to add a couple wedges. Really like the black stones, consistent strokes. The company processes orders promptly and they are delivered well packaged.

love new 3w

I have been using taylormade m2 for years. just bought new one-iron 3w. love it because I get much more consistent results (and hit it just as far)! Just like I get much more consistent results with the one-iron set of irons. thank you one iron golf!

Pro-Line Complete Sets
Victor M. (Denver, US)

I am not sure yet. I wish there were Videos on How To Use Them.

Hi! You will use the clubs just like any other clubs. The only difference is you'll use the same center ball position, stance, and swing for all of them since they are single-length. Here is a very helpful article about how to play them: and here is our YouTube Channel with instructional videos: Please let us know if you have any questions!

Head Covers for Irons
Elizabeth R. (Logan, US)

Good price!

Pro-Line Irons
David V. (Aubrey, US)
First try

So happy to get these. Went to the driving range, really enjoyed swinging these clubs. Great concept, looking forward to using them again.

Great service

I love my clubs. Had some shipping issues with fedex and David took care of it immediately, could not be happier.

Head Covers for Irons
Robert H. (Martins Ferry, US)
Iron head covers

Got tired listening to the irons hitting each other in the back of my car and while on the golf cart. The head covers were the answer to protecting my investment. They're easy to get on and off and put the cover in my pocket while using the clubs. The clear window in each cover sometimes obscures the club number but it really hasn't been an issue as every club has a specific position in the bag. Also love the distance clips. Both were a good investment.

Blackstone Irons
Stephen K. (Grand Rapids, US)
Blackstone Wedges

I purchased a Blackstone sand wedge and lob wedge. I love them! The rest of my irons are cobra Radspeed one length irons. I like the Cobra irons a lot, but the Blackstone clubs are better. I just like the feel better. The black color looks great as well. I will be buying the gap wedge and a set of Blackstone irons in the near future. I may also buy a set for my daughter. Thanks 1 Iron Golf!

1 Irons
CH+ (Apex, US)
Great clubs, great service

I'll buy from these guys before anywhere else.

1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
Bryan P. (Collingwood, CA)
The first few times

Hi only had a chance to play with it once. Once I got the confidence to use it off the grass felt I was starting to make some really good contacts. Will see myself using it a lot

7 wood/demo

Great condition, hits longer and higher than the iron it is replacing, being tall with average arms really like the long length I was able to order

Golf Cart Bag
JAY C. (Nashua, US)
Car bag

Good quality, reasonable price, it exceeded my expectations.

Individual Pro-Line Irons Left Hand
Steven D. (Toronto, CA)

Individual Pro-Line Irons Left Hand

Enjoy the clubs

I really like the clubs

Nicely made clubs, surprisingly heavy. Still learning to hit with them but optimistic. Fair price, I think.

Distance Clips
Ray M. (Santa Maria, US)

Have been busy. Plan to put them on this weekend and test them to see how they measure.
Will let you know when I see where they are when I get a consistent reading.

Blackstone Complete Sets
David B. (Paducah, US)
Blackstone Complete Set

After 21 years away from the game of golf I wanted to start back with a complete set of new clubs. After quite a bit of research I decided on the Blackstone Complete Set!

Having all my iron the same length just made sense to me. After hitting the range, and playing a round of golf, I’m very happy with my new golf clubs.

Used/Demo 1 Iron Big-O Putter
Mark H. (Tonawanda, US)

Love it. Have one at home and one in Florida.

Used/Demo 1 Irons
David H. (Alamosa, US)

Clubs are high quality and enjoyable. Changing to single length will take some time to get used to.

Awesome Baby

Great grips the best I’ve ever played

Used/Demo Pro-Line Irons
Robert S. (Del Valle, US)
Great clubs!

Wasn't sure when I bought them, but they arrived absolutely better than I expected!

Pro-Line Irons
Mark R. (Lutz, US)
Great clubs

It took two rounds of golf to become familiar with the clubs and I am now hitting consistently good shots, especially with the 6 and 5 irons. I plan to order the wedges soon.

Blackstone Irons
CHRIS W. (Perkinston, US)
Over 50/high handicap golfer

I only play a few times a year and a high handicap golfer. I like the concept of single length because of the frequency I play. Learning 1 path over several. The Blackstones look great. They hit very well. I like the oversized grips. The degree marking does take some getting used to. I hit the ball about the same distance or slightly further. I consistently hit the ball straighter and better contact. I really like the clubs and plan to play more in the future.

Used/Demo Blackstone Irons
Bryan P. (Collingwood, CA)
Great clubs and great service

The clubs look great and I am starting to feel the benefits of the single length. I fact I’ve alr ordered my fairway wood.
The condition of the ex demo clubs was immaculate. In fact I would have ass they were brand new