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Used/Demo Pro-Line Irons
Kristin M. (Corning, US)
Best Irons Ever…

Flat out the best Irons I have ever played. I hit them as far as my old Taylormade P790 variable length, just much more consistently. I really enjoy the longer, lighter wedges as well which was something I wasn’t sure I would enjoy. I played the regular line last year and switched to the proline this year, definitely a hot rod option, they feel much more performance oriented for a higher swing speed. Original line would be great for average swingers, I swing quick but am iffy on strike, making a performance single length iron the best option. I can also say I tried Cobras at a local shop and one irons feel much better to me.

Used/Demo 1 Iron Complete Sets
Kirk B. (Mandurah, AU)

Love the feel and weight of these clubs.
Haven't had the chance to give them a real test yet as having a few back issues.

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
Keith H. (Troy, US)
Driver hits Well

ISo Far Great driver. I havent got all the distance I had with my other driver (its close) but I feel more consistent and I'm in the fairway more with less bad shots so thats a big win. Not slicing nearly as much and feel more confident on the tee. Need a little more practice and I think the distance will come. So the driver gets 5* from me. The only thing (non club related) is that the covers for the Driver, 3 Wood, 5 wood are basically useless. They don't stay on the club even if you are able to attach the small velcro pieces together and are a pain to try and put on quickly if at all so I stopped trying. You really need to get covers that come over the shaft as well. Maybe spend a little more on the covers. I will use my covers from my old woods since they will stay on.

Satisfied Customer

I have been playing 1 Iron's single length clubs for about a and am very pleased.with them. Better contact and I have seen no loss in distance, even with the longer irons. My club head speed remains the same as with my old blades, about 110 mph.

One Iron Golf Polarized Sunglasses
Maria B. (Brooklyn, US)

One Iron Golf Polarized Sunglasses

Used/Demo Blackstone Irons
Matty L. (Hawkestone Beach, CA)
ONE Blackstone Iron golf

I have been out on the course 4 times with my new Blackstone Irons.. Initially, I was chunking my hits quite a few times trying to find the revised pattern swing required for the irons .....but by the fourth-round consistency came into play. I was hitting the balls down the middle of the Fairway on a consistent basis. A major Improvement in my game! The only issue I found, being a six-foot-three muscular character I found the irons to be slightly too light. Ideally, the mass of the heads should be a few Oz heavier. But on the positive side, I've seen a major Improvement in my golf and my golfing experience. Very pleased with the purchase.

Used/Demo 1 Irons
John K. (Fort Myers, US)

Used/Demo 1 Irons

Used/Demo Pro-Line Irons
Joseph P. (Vancouver, CA)

Awesome clubs, great fit and already see the difference in consistency!

Was hoping to get more distance from it.

Used/Demo 1 Irons
EUGENE C. (Indianapolis, US)

Used/Demo 1 Irons

1 Iron Complete Sets
Nick T. (Fort Rucker, US)
Amazing Clubs

The measurements were perfect and the clubs look and feel great.

1 Iron Big-O Putter
Tim E. (Sheboygan, US)
New Putter

Love it!

Pro-Line Irons
David B. (Melbourne, AU)
Happy Days!

I am very happy with this purchase , and it was good to be able to use the club with ease. Being the same style as the others , there was No "dialing in"
It just worked , beautifully.

Pro-Line Complete Sets
Andrew S. (Auburn, US)
Why not?

These gizmos just make things a little easier. Nothing to think about.

Used/Demo 1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
Max N. (Henderson, US)
Used/Demo 1 iron Dark Horse Driver

Hitting this driver a whole lot better than I was hitting my Taylormade driver. Shipped and arrived as scheduled.

Pro-Line Complete Sets
Matthew J. (Calgary, CA)
The Only Choice for Single-Length Lefties

Overall a great experience buying clubs from 1 Iron. I had some questions about switching over the single length clubs and they were all promptly answered by the sales crew.

The driver has been a revelation for me, never before have I hit such consistently straight drives. I lost a bit of distance but I'll take that trade any day. The irons have been great as well; consistent gapping, and much more confidence with the 5 and 6 irons. I'm still getting used to chipping around the green with the longer wedges. The woods have been the biggest adjustment. They are steel shafted and feel quite heavy, almost more like a thick iron. I have hit some terrific shots, but not as consistently as the rest of the set yet. I may look into replacing the 5/7 woods with a 3/4 iron down the road.

When I purchased my set, the gap wedge was out of stock, and when it arrived a week after the rest of the clubs, it had a different grip. The folks at 1 Iron corrected this immediately by sending me the correct grip and offering to cover the cost of having it put on. Fortunately the pro shop at my course did it for free, but the customer service was excellent in this case.

1 Iron really is the only choice for lefties wanting to play single length clubs.

Used/Demo Pro-Line Irons
Joerg W. (Muskego, US)
This turned out well

I was never able to wrap my head around the different shaft lengths in irons so I went with the 1Iron after a friend recommended them to me.
I ordered the Demo irons to save some money and the clubs arrived in original packaging, well padded.
No marks, scratches or any other signs of usage could be found.
My first 18 I played, I broke 60 on the front 9 (55) and I have not yet broken 60 until this past round.
My shots felt controlled and clean and the same length in all irons definitely has improved my iron game.
I’m only in my 4th year of playing golf, so I think that’s a pretty good statement.
I can highly recommend taking the different shot setups for each iron out of
the equation and go to single length.

Good compliment to my one iron set. Replaced Adams golf 4 and 5 clubs

Pro-Line Complete Sets
Michael P. (The Villages, US)
The Retired Guy

Your customer service is stellar. Nothing could be better. When I received the clubs they were packaged with care and respect. I saw no signs of a "rush job". You stated to me that when the iron covers came in you would send them to me. I did not have to call back asking if you remembered the covers. You informed me they would be back in stock in several weeks. Sure enough you advised me they arrived and were shipped out to my address. They arrived this afternoon and all irons are now covered. When I hit the golf ball as I should, the clubs function as described. I am extremely satisfied with the clubs and your customer service. Thank you once again!


Blackstone Irons
Mike K. (Burlington, CA)
New Irons

Bought these to see if it could sort out my wedge game as when I crouched too much I was coming in thin and or early.
Have not had time to adjust on a range but first few rounds very positive. Weight of and feel of irons are great. Hit well instantly. Once I break posture habit should be good. Love the large face and the 55 degree was great out of some less than nice traps in Caribbean. Want to get to my summer course where there is an excellent range. I would give these irons an 8 out of 10 with my posture to blame for not perfect mark.

Used/Demo Blackstone Irons
Jt Z. (Pittsburgh, US)

The chat room was very helpful An being able to purchase one of your demo sets helped the sale drastically !! Thank you

Used/Demo Blackstone Complete Sets
Greg B. (Indianapolis, US)

Great customer service

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
David D. (Short Hills, US)

This driver is amazing!

1 Iron Big-O Putter
Brigham L. (Vancouver, US)
Excellent putter

I’m am putter snub and constantly looking for the next best thing. I have made more long putts than ever before. I’m a work in process but really enjoying this putter. I own all the fairway woods and black stone irons. Playing my best golf and enjoying the game more


13 handicap

Pro-Line Irons
Paul G. (Winter Garden, US)
1Iron Golf are great Cubs

Purchased my 1iron Pro Line clubs a few years back. Only wish I had bought them sooner. Having one swing plane and set up for every club makes golf much easier.