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Love my new irons

Got a regal wedge and have been using 1irons for a few years. They have been great. Distances and shots have been exactly what I wanted. Very satisfied.

Blackstone Woods and Irons Combo Sets
Efrain H. (Westlake, US)
New to the game

I am new to the game and these clubs have made it easy for me to transition from club to club without having to change my posture and swing. Also, their YouTube channel has so much great content to help everyone out. The clubs feel of high quality and the customer service is top notch!


I’ve only been out 3 times with my new 1-Iron clubs but love them. I can tell they are going to help improve my game in distance and consistency.

Thank you Dave for your help!


Lyle Swenson

Improved my short game.

The irons really helped my short game. Probably will end up shaving 3-4 strokes off my game. I'm still getting used to my Driver. It's a slight bit shorter than my Titleist. Once I get that dialed in I should be in the 80s, which is my goal.

1 Irons
gigantor (Los Angeles, US)
gigantor power swing

most clubs are real whippy for my power. having a background in strength and conditioning i know that staying low is the key, but i like the upright swing.

1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
Owen K. (Russellville, US)
Fairway woods

Excellent as expected.
The 3 wood and 5 wood have been an excellent addition. I actually still use the previous ONE IRON GOLF 12 degree steel shafted driver. I now have a ‘full’ wood set that gives me more confidence on the tee and/or fairway.

Great Deal!

I purchased the used/demo combo set. Great deal, everything looked brand new upon arrival. Excited to be playing again!

Used/Demo Pro-Line Woods and Irons Combo Sets

I purchased a Demo Pro-Line Woods and Irons Combo Set back in April 2024.
They looked great, like brand new, not a scratch. The custom fitting based on the wrist to floor measurement made a huge difference for me. It helped simplify the way i setup to the ball and greatly improved ball impact. The clubs are shorter than the ones i owned, resulting in a little loss of distance but a lot more accurate shots. That's ok, because these clubs are making the game so much more enjoyable for me.
Martin P.
Montreal, Canada


My name is Bob Porter. The clubs are mine Brenda just paid for them lol. I am only 5’3” and struggle with long clubs. These clubs make sense so I thought I would try them. I have not been able to play as much as I want. I am still undecided as to whether I like them or not. I like the fact they all play the same. Like I said I have not been able to play as much as I want but so far am disappointed in the distance I am getting with each club. I hope to get out more and have a better review.

Hi Bob! Thanks for taking the time to write a review! Your distance will improve and I want to emphasize that you need to compare the loft angles with the loft angles on your previous set to really judge the distances accurately. Loft numbers in the golf industry are assigned arbitrarily with no consistancy in the loft angles so one manufacturer's 19º could be a 3 or 4 iron, etc. Let us know how it's going!

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
Ronald O. (Forest City, US)

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver

Used/Demo 1 Irons - Now 30% OFF!
Richard G. (Lisburn, GB)
Used/Demo 1 Irons

Ordered the clubs 2 May 2024 and they arrived 15 May.
So far they have seen the range on 4 occasions to enable me to get comfortable with stance, swing and yardages. Took them on them course last Saturday and scored 35 pts (my best for many weeks). Hope they continue to perform and help me improve.

1 Irons
Jim S. (Minneapolis, US)

Saw the add for $317.00. Suddenly the price went up to $599.00. Love the clubs but was a bit angry at the nearly double price.

I’m happy I bought this bag

This golf bag is great quality for a great price! It’s very lightweight and well made.

1 Irons
Louis S. (Mission Viejo, US)

Love 1 iron. This is my second set and just bought the wedges to round out my set.

1 Irons
J M. (Toccoa, US)
Completed the set

It is good to have the set completed, now I need the 3 and 4 irons...

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
Donald T. (Beloit, US)
1Iron Dark Horse Driver

I’ve played two rounds with my new driver, hits are much straighter and have picked up a few yards in distance.

1 Irons
Mark S. (Englewood, US)

1 Irons

Blackstone used/demo

Absolutely top-notch customer service some of the best people I’ve ever spoke to helped me with everything even after I made an order mistake. Beautiful iron set, but Clubs just not for me a little too whippy never got the feel for them, launched too high and constantly missing way right in comparison to my previous clubs. Great company to do business with, I wish they would have worked out for me.

Excellent set of clubs!

The used/demo set of Pro-Line woods & iron combo set I purchased arrived in EXCELLENT condition. I've had a chance to golf with them twice in the last two weeks & adapting to the longer shafts, slightly larger diameter grips, lower profile of the fairway woods, etc. have had an almost Zero learning curve they simply feel "natural". Yes, they feel different from my conventional clubs but that's what I expected & why I bought them! I've golfed approx. 4 times in the past 7 or 8 years (not counting the two times I've golfed since getting the new clubs) & hadn't golfed for 7 years prior to that, so when I decided to get back into golfing I KNEW from reading up on One Iron, they would speed up my return to where I was before I stopped playing. So far with only two rounds played, I can't describe the gain in confidence these clubs give. It's a VERY pleasant sensation to begin & follow through the swing with confidence even after not golfing for a long time. Thank you One Iron!

Individual Pro-Line Irons Left Hand
Don S. (Denver, US)

Individual Pro-Line Irons Left Hand

Individual Blackstone Irons - Right Hand
Ken F. (Corona, US)
19 degree iron

This iron well constructed and feels very comfortable in my hands. Excellent quality product

One Iron Golf Flat Caps
David K. (Lakewood, US)

Comfortable and practical to bring my set together.

Pro-Line Irons
James W. (Myrtle Beach, US)
1Iron review

The clubs look nice but I am having trouble hitting them. Although I have some inconsistency with my old irons , I do not hit the new 1Irons as well as my old irons. I am more inconsistent and do not hit the 1Irons as far. I also do not like the grips.

Therefore, I will need to return the clubs for credit.

Please advise return authorization or do I need to send a separate request to 1Iron Sales?

Please advise.
James Williams

Distance Clips
Sean R. (Port Charlotte, US)
Disappearing numbers

After only one round of golf, some of the numbers have rubbed off, or chipped off, my Distance Clips. Kind of defeats the purpose, but otherwise a great idea.

Golf bag

Love this cart bag. Super light weight and plenty of storage and a place for every club.