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New Grips

Have had clubs for 2 years. Replacement grips are great and am looking forward to continued improvement in my game!

Blackstone Irons
Nick H. (Homosassa, US)

Just got the clubs today and had to hit the range. Right off the bat no fat shots and the feeling of a crisp shot. People say you loose distance, no you don’t. Check the lofts. Driver is awesome. Slight draw with my swing average was 260. Could only do 240 before. The biggest thing is I’m 6’3 and I’m not hunched over. So relaxed. Center ball position with every club. Can’t wait to practice more and hit the course. David Lake thank you. Was about to give up the game due to the frustration.

Complete set of Blackstones - GAME CHANGERS!

These irons are amazing! The fitting has provided incredibly consistent ball striking. I am hitting 50% more greens in regulation. Wish I had known of these clubs years ago.

Blackstone Irons
Blake M. (Fort Worth, US)
Instant improvement

I can’t believe how much easier it is to hit the ball with all the irons being the same length.
I am not a great golfer, but now I can atleast hit the ball straight; and land close to my target.
So happy! I thought I wanted shorter wedges but after loving my irons so much I might go buy the wedges now too!

Blackstone Complete Sets
Kevin N. (Hudson, US)
Great set of clubs for the money

I live in Northeast Ohio, so I have only been to the driving range twice and have hit 160 balls so far. The black face and white lines on the Blackstone irons really do help in getting the club squared to the target. I have been consistently hitting the ball in line with my target. There is an adjustment that needs to be made regarding aligning the ball in your stance but that didn't take long to figure out. Given the weather, snow, it is hard to accurately judge distance, but I believe I am relatively close club for club with my old set. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised, I like the set and will be keeping it. They are just as advertised and marketed.

Pro-Line Irons
Bryce S. (Corning, US)

Return customer, great customer service, fantastic products. The irons are on level with any top brand for quality and performance, having previously played big Bertha and then P790 irons, these perform as well/better in all aspects. The fitting is simple and works like a glove. Once you develop your single iron swing, they are incredibly accurate, I was decent with variable irons and better now. Love the wood lengths as well.

One Iron Golf Polarized Sunglasses
Gordon D. (Simpsonville, US)
Polarized sunglasses

Completely satisfied with glasses. Fit well, vision clear….reduce glare without being too dark. Will order another pair w/blue lenses shortly.

Blackstone Complete Sets
Robert E. (Cheyenne, US)

With the snow, I have been working on hitting the ball consistently in my garage hitting bay. Have never had #3 - #5 irons working on them.
Love the black and white face which help me to square the face at sit up.


Individual Pro-Line Irons Left Hand
Glen H. (Carmel, US)
Simplistic Beauty

Loving my full set (3-LW) of LH Pro Line 1Irons. They look grest at address & are custom built on par with the best clubs you can find. 12 clubs, one ball position & one swing, love it

1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
James K. (Honolulu, US)
Great 5-Wood!

The 5-Wood is an amazing club, just as I’d expected! I own the Driver and 3-Wood, along with the irons, and this completes my set! I’m a left-handed player and unfortunately there’s not always a lot of deals for lefty’s in the retail market. I highly recommend this brand!!!

1 Irons
Robert C. (Lavalette, US)
Questionable customer service

Purchased my clubs the summer of 2022.Dident feel right.Lot of vibration.Had a pro check them out…..told me grips were all wrong. They come with oversized grips! Why? Took them to be regripped, 135$ later, Im short my PW!If I’d been sent standard grips or been asked hand size, much as wrist to ground,I wouldent have regripped and lost a club! And the kicker………They won’t cut me a break! I’m done with 1 Iron! Not impressed to start!

Hi Bob! We understand that you ordered your clubs back in July 2022 and enjoyed them so you added a SW to your set in October. We only install our oversize grips on our golf clubs. We have found through our testing over the past twenty-five years that this type and size of grip produces a much greater degree of surface-to-skin contact than standard-size grips which allows for a greater transfer of swing force and a much higher degree of control and accuracy. We make this very clear on our website, and we also put this information on the product pages. We understand that it is frustrating to regrip your clubs to other grips that you prefer, and beyond frustrating that the company you used may have lost your PW. We understand that you are not satisfied with the price of our replacement irons, unfortunately, we do not sell individual irons at a discounted price, but we do cover the shipping cost. Thank you for leaving a review and being a valued customer!

One Iron Golf Flat Caps
Mike E. (Christchurch, NZ)
Flat cap

Like it but to close to my ears

Blackstone Irons
Trent G. (Oakland, US)
Like some sort of witchcraft.

So I’ve owned these irons for a few weeks. First round I played with them was rough, but I spent some time on the range/ the backyard net with them, and yesterday I played them for the second time. Best round I’ve EVER played. We’re literally talking about shaving off 10-15 strokes. Once I was able to adjust out of the multi length mindset we all develop playing traditional clubs, these things became absolute dart launchers. One Iron Golf has a customer for life.

Blackstone Complete Sets
Martin L. (Camas, US)
Improved Feel

Great consistent feel with same grips, one length irons and one length fairway clubs at the driving range. Irons have improved my direction with the white line alignment on the face of the club.

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
Cindy T. (Pittsburgh, US)

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver

Blackstone Irons
Jim W. (Birmingham, US)

I have not had a chance to play on course as of yet with the cold weather. I have only hit the 47* and 39* clubs.(about 200 shots)They hit very well even though there is a little odd sound at contact.(dink) sound. But the ball comes off the face hot, fast and very high. I can flight them lower if needed. The white paint in the grooves is a little distracting but I assume it will eventually become 2nd nature. If you need someone to write reviews on other 3 models, I will be happy to give unbiased assessment. I am curious about the gold tipped irons and their durability. One other thing I failed to mention. My back certainly likes these irons.

New hat

3 feet of snow outside but breaking the new hat in while next to the fireplace...Love the look.... was anticipating a bit heavier material though..
Very satisfied... will be buying another for myself and as a gift for my buddy.

Head Covers for Woods
J S. (New Market, US)
Head Covers for Woods

like these so much better that other covers

Blackstone Irons
T.B. (Calimesa, US)
Love The Blackstones

I have been to the range a couple of times to dial in the distances. I have played two rounds with them and I am pleased with the accuracy and the range of the Blackstone's. These clubs are light weight yet powerful, thank goodness I can hit the long irons with renewed confidence. I appreciate the 4 degree loft (spacing) between clubs. Highly Recommend!

Blackstone Complete Sets
David B. (Hastings, US)
Look great, arrived very fast

The clubs look great, feel good, and I know it will be a learning curve. 3 days after arriving we got 27" of snow. Waiting for a new virtual range/course set to open in a couple weeks to actually hit them.

Regal Irons
Greg T. (Kitchener, CA)
The Gold Standard

Got complete set including Regal irons, wedges, fairway drivers (3,5,7) Dark horse driver, and Big O putter. I am tall and having same swing and stance for all irons improved my accuracy and consistency. Always straight on target. Gained up to 20 yards on wedges. The grips are amazing, first time ever don't need a glove. Best golf equipment buy I ever made.

New hats

Was a little surprised as the new hat was a bit less heavy than I thought it would be...but fit and look is very nice...requesting a blue one as gift...and buying new set of clubs for next season as well. Well done David...

Pro-Line Irons
Robert c. (The Villages, US)

I bought your full set of irons plus your wedges the basic set and then the pro line I like them both because I get good distance better with the pro line and I use the single swing method that Moe Norman utilized
If I could make one suggestion please use a line or something under the nine iron to differentiate it from the six iron too easy to confuse
I like the length the same lie clubs work great with them I have gotten six holes on one on a pitch and putt course distances from 54 yards to 120 18 holes course. My ping clubs are out of my bag these are more than comparable
Thanks for your inquiry

Bobby Clough
The villages florida

1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
Bryce S. (Corning, US)
Easy to hit, good distance

Very easy to hit off the deck, they greatly reduce miss hits, a tad heavy but hitting a greater mass at slightly slower speeds results in the same, or there abouts, distance to woods that weigh less. Once you understand that it is buttery smooth to play.

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
Bryce S. (Corning, US)
Spot on

The sizing etc is absolutely spot on, I never hit a sweet spot in my life with driver before going to this driver, now every ball mark is bunches around the center of the club face, also the slight reduction of length transforms driver into a much more comfortable club to swing.