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Individual Pro-Line Irons Right Hand
Kevin H. (Lawrenceburg, US)
3 iron

Definitely my go to club for more distance on long par 3 and all my get out of trouble stinger shots,absolutely love it 😍,1 iron golf for life!!!

Used/Demo Pro-Line Irons
Dave P. (Louisa, US)
Used / Demo Pro-Line Irons

Received my Used / Demo Pro-Line Irons in excellent condition (they look brand new). I'm enjoying the half-club gain in distance over my prior set of 1 Irons. Thanks David!

Glasses are good, light, and fit well. Visuals very good.

Demo 7and 5 woods

Received when promised.
Clubs looked brand new.
They filled the yardage gaps in my bag.

Used/Demo 1 Irons
Juan M.S. (Newburgh, US)
One Iron Golf

Wonderful clubs. They are in proving my game. I'm done 1 handicap since I started playing with the irons. I love the clubs.

Blackstone Irons
Jose M. (Pembroke Pines, US)
It's the Indian AND the Arrows

As golfers, we've all heard the expression, "it's not the arrows, it's the Indian." The suggestion in 'golf-speak' is that great equipment can't fix a poor player. However - I can say without question or equivocation, that for a "pretty good player" (like me), great equipment can absolutely make a difference.

The Blackstone One Iron clubs are simply put, the very best irons I have ever hit. I've tried many different models (both in variable and single length styles) and there simply isn't a club out there that is as easy to hit as consistently and whose contact feels as solid as the Blackstones. They feel so dang good.

If you're new to the single length concept, don't fret over the fear that your short clubs will be too long or vice versa - gapping is precise (for me, about 8 yards carry in between each club).

And if you're already a single length player (as I'd been for 9 months before I bought my Blackstones), you simply won't find build quality and ease of strike better than these. HIGHLY Recommend.

A last word on customer service. When my clubs were delivered, there'd been a SNAFU on the grips. David Lake took care of it immediately.

Thank you - you've earned a life long customer.

Blackstone Complete Sets
Brian (Rochester, US)
Well worth it.

Got my new Blackstones one week ago. Still getting used to them but I'm hitting the ball way better with thses clubs. Straight crisp shots. The biggest difference is I dont have to worry about my stance and posture anymore. That alone is huge for me. Most likely the last set i'll need to buy. Clubs shipped in 7 days great service.

Used/Demo 1 Irons
Brad T. (Dallas, US)
Great clubs, better customer service

Pretty excited when they arrived, I won’t lie. Bought a full set of the demo irons. I’ve played with them 3 times now since having them for a couple weeks. Already hitting much better. Honestly, I haven’t used my long irons for years because I just couldn’t hit them worth a hoot.

Been hitting these pretty good. My approach shots have been straighter as well. Still have to work on distance, lol, but the are straighter. Had an issue with one of the clubs while playing and I sent an email while I was on the course. The owner actually answered me back right away and had a new club being sent FedEx to me the following Monday.

To make the point more valid, the set I purchased was as is with no warranty, but they never blinked. Sent me the new club right away. Love the clubs and love the customer service. In a day and age where customer service is lacking in many industries, these guys get it! Thanks One Iron Golf!!

Distance Clips
Anthony R. (Portland, US)

Distance Clips

Distance Clips
Doug V. (Little Elm, US)
Simple and effective

Simple idea, well executed, worth the price.

Blackstone Irons
Mike S. (Saskatoon, CA)
Love My New Irons

I am loving my new Blackstone Irons. Already, I am getting more consistency with every swing. I'll be looking into get some new Woods in the near future!

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
Jason R. (Denver, US)
Total confidence on tee box

The Dark Horse driver is fantastic. Good distance, but great! accuracy and consistency. Covers on driver and fairway woods are not great, expect to replace them.

Used/Demo Blackstone Complete Sets
Ronald H. (Minneapolis, US)
Total game changer…

I am extremely pleased with the results I’m getting from my new clubs. I’m finally spending most of my game in my own fairway. I’m also actually concerned I might wear the golf balls out, instead of “misplacing” them before they do. Seriously though, the consistency with the irons is so much better, and this was coming from another brand of single length club. I’ve also followed the tips that are available on the website and this has helped me get rid of the “strong” grip I used to counter my slice. Most shots are now arrow straight and more importantly… predictable.
Simplify your game, get rid of the 100+ variables you have to compensate for (with traditional clubs) and perfect your game the smart, easy way.

Used/Demo Pro-Line Irons
Aaron (Columbus, US)
Simplifies the game for a high handicapper

Left handed. Bought the used/demo versions, but they looked brand new! No scratches, tee marks, ball marks. Clubs even came with my favorite grips (Lamkin oversized) without me even making a grip selection. Grips smelled brand new also. This is the first set of clubs I’ve bought that haven’t been used for years and years, so I can’t fairly compare them to today’s top brands, but quality of the clubs definitely exceeded expectations in my eyes. 5 stars for quality and functionality as advertised.

While there’s no magic fix for any golfer, these single-length irons have helped me immensely while perfecting my swing. Been using these clubs for a month now. Consistent ball placement and address simplifies the game, letting me focus on just swinging the club. I feel a lot more confident when I address the ball.

7-9 iron distances are consistent with what I was hitting with my old clubs. Could never hit my old 5/6 irons, but the single length shafts have already helped me get a handle on mid iron shots. Hitting those about as far as I think I would if I had ever hit a straight 5/6 with my old clubs. PW is my favorite in the set—more loft (due to the longer shaft) than my traditional PW has helped me stick shots on the green easier.

I will say that I thought I’d hit long irons better with the shorter shaft, but this has not been the case yet. However, the single length shafts have helped me be more consistent with working on my swing path, which I think will improve my 3/4 iron shots in the long run

Pro-Line Irons
Paul O. (Chicago, US)
Pro-Line irons hard to launch

Purchased the irons and had trouble hitting them after numerous trips to the driving range.. The clubs look great, but the grips are hard and I had trouble launching them very high compared to my old Cleveland irons. I had high hopes for these irons but decided to return them.

Distance Clips
Randall M. (Denver, US)
So cool

I have a hard time recalling my typical club range. These little clips are just the ticket. An added bonus is, they are just as easy to move as they are to install. Now I can check the clip and decide the loft that I might change to. Just one less thing I have to concentrate on.

Pro-Line Irons
Mike C. (Indianapolis, US)

Absolutely love my irons.

Used/Demo Pro-Line Complete Sets
Dave B. (Summerside, CA)
Bad back

Have multiple injuries to my back which made it hard to hit sorter distance clubs, having the bend down farther. Also, with the amount of golf I play, never got used to the longer irons. With the One Iron set, I have much less back pain and find I can used the same stance, swing and motion for each club.

Excellent clubs. Love the same setbup every shot.

Individual Pro-Line Irons Right Hand
Bryan H. (New Orleans, US)

I love my irons, one simple swing , I'm shooting in the 70's more often now. It's hard to break 80.

Used/Demo 1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
Randall M. (Los Angeles, US)
I like these woods

After playing my 1Irons for years now, these give me that option that I’ve been looking for. They swing easy and like my 1Irons, really connect with the ball.

Used/Demo 1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
kelvin k. (Auckland, NZ)
Blackstone irons

Brilliant, took awhile to workout how far each club hits,maybe put numbers on each club. Darkhorse driver excellent, worked first swing.

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
N G.S. (St. George, US)

I haven’t had the opportunity to use the new driver. I can tell you that I do not like the grip because my hands slip when in the down swing. It is a beautiful looking club and we’ll test it out three weeks from now when I returned from a trip.


I have used these clubs for years. Occasionally have fallen for the advertising bla bla and tried the latest greatest and always come back to these. These are very accurate and easy to hit. I would say my average shot is longer with these than the longer graphite shaft "name brand" clubs because these are so accurate. I feel like and can take an aggressive swing with these If I choose and still be consistent. I think graphite is just a way to charge more and get less.

Blackstone Complete Sets
Charles P. (New York, US)

Played 9 rounds. Driver and woods are working well. Irons are hot and cold. Not worried about the learning curve. Like the weight and feel. Side note, the head covers are not that good, they do not stay on the woods.