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Used/Demo Blackstone Complete Sets
Scott T. (Avon, US)
Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding customer service with great feeling/looking clubs. Can’t wait to play these clubs.

Blackstone Irons
les b. (Lead, US)

please call me you sent me 2 35 Degree and no 39
Leslie bellet [****]

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
John M. (Wilmington, US)

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver

Individual Pro-Line Irons Right Hand
Mark D. (Cedar Rapids, US)
All good

Quick & accurate

Head Covers for Irons
C.S. (Etobicoke, CA)
Impeccable service,

Love these iron head covers! Fit nicely, fair price, and arrived in a week.

Used/Demo Blackstone Complete Sets
Teodor (Daly City, US)
I wish I knew about this years ago!

First off, I'm a high handicapper, but that doesn't stop me from loving the game. It can be frustrating at times, as we all know. For an early 50th Bday gift to myself, I purchased the Used/Demo Blackstone Complete Set. The wrist to floor measurement was interesting. I suggest drawing a line on your wrist to help aid in the measurement. I had my wife and kids each take turns measuring just to be sure.
When I received the clubs and opened the box, I thought, " these aren't used, they look brand new! "
I've taken it to the range twice but haven't taken it to the course yet. (3 young kids will do that to your free time) I really like the feel of the grips. Pretty much wherever I was aiming, that's where the ball went. The 43" driver even gave me a few yards over what I was hitting my 10 yr old ping driver. ( the range had top tracer tech )
I really appreciated the email responses from David Lake, whenever I had some questions. I will tell my golf-enthusiast friends about these clubs!
Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Blackstone Complete Sets
Daniel d. (Valparaiso, US)
Iron woods set

New to the game, just started playing. Change into one iron’s One length irons has improve my consistent striking. Still waiting for scores to drop, however will continue play these clubs

Individual Blackstone Irons - Right Hand
Stan Z. (Milwaukee, US)
1 Iron Golf Review

The products are all of the highest quality, and the results have been excellent. David Lake is clearly a genius in his field. And this is the easiest way to play the game.

Used/Demo 1 Iron Big-O Putter
Jerry P. (South Jordan, US)
Love this putter!

It is so well-balanced and smooth as I putt. My only regret is buying in late fall rather than the start of the season in early spring! Well made putter!!! Takes the yip and any sway out of my stroke. Had a Heavy Putter but this one is so much better!!!

Used/Demo 1 Irons
Bill C. (Chicago, US)
4.5 year review

Bought these in spring of '18. I cannot say enough good things about these. If I hit a bad shot with these, it is because I messed up. They are consistent and, when you hit them right, they are wonderful. The ability to swing the same swing every time and to just let the club do its job is a game changer. Once you figure out your distances, swinging these is like clockwork. I highly recommend. I recommend so much that I am buying another set for myself so that I don't have to carry them between home and Florida.

Used/Demo Blackstone Irons
Jerry P. (South Jordan, US)

Excellent quality and looks, very confident addressing the ball with these clubs! Every swing seems built in, grooved and on balance!

Used/Demo 1 Iron Low-Profile Fairway Woods
Mark O. (New York, US)
7w - Never thought I needed one - Was I wrong!

I purchased a 1iron demo 7w recently. I have carried a 5w for years; it has been my magical club out of the fairway rough, from the fairway, and even off the tee when things go awry with my 3w or driver. I perceived a 7w as something that had limited utility, that wouldn’t come out of the bag in many rounds.

I started reading about how a 7w is a good idea for an average handicap golfer (me). Easy to hit, high trajectory, soft landing, and still able to travel 170+ yards. For me, this sounded like a good alternative to some of the mid irons. So I bought one from 1iron. A demo 7w.

I love the club. The condition was great - little wear, looked like new. And it’s lived up to its billing, easy to hit anywhere and I am pushing 200yds. It has replaced my 5w in the bag on shorter courses.

Highly recommend a 7w, and pleased with the 1iron demo clubs overall.

Used/Demo 1 Iron Complete Sets
Mark O. (Denver, US)
I own 2 sets and love them!

In 2019, I purchased a full set of Demo irons, along with a 3w and a 5w. I was intrigued about the concept - single length, particularly because of a well-known PGA professional who uses them. The concept made a lot of sense to me. One swing for every club (well, Two swings since the woods are longer than the irons :) ).

It took some adjustment, but once you've made the adjustment, the clubs perform great. Distance is not that different than a conventional set, but the consistency is much better. I know I can go to the range, practice with one iron and one wood, and the other clubs will fall in line. Grooving two swings is easier than grooving 13.

In 2022, I bought a 2nd set of Demo clubs, along with a 3w, a 5w, and a 7w, so that I'd have a set at each of my two homes 1,000 mi apart. Same feel, same consistency, and the demo clubs looked nearly brand new.

I'm a satisfied customer, and highly recommend 1Iron clubs for everybody.

Used/Demo 1 Irons
Martin M. (Glendale Heights, US)
I love this game again

Before this season I never broke 100. This season after changing to a set of 1iron irons, I have shot mid 90s 3 out of 4 times. Even on courses I never played before. I have confidence in my long irons again.

Sun Glasses

The lens are fine. The frame is ok, except the nose guard pieces came off sometime and are lost.
Any chance you can send me replacement nose piece attachments that I can place on the 2 knobs on each side?
Or replacement sunglasses, I’ll return these in the package you send me.
Order #5358.

We are so sorry to hear this. We are shipping out a replacement pair of sunglasses for you! Please keep the original pair as well.

Individual 1 Irons
Jack W. (Arden, US)

Love one irons, great balance and feel

Clubs are works as advertised

Blackstone Complete Sets
craig K. (Manitowoc, US)
Blackstone 14 club set

I got back into golfing after about 10 years. My old set was broke down and I started researching clubs. I always found my longer irons and even my driver way harder to hit than my 6.7.8 etc. Found these and decided to take a chance. They are amazing. For a weekend golfer that doesn’t have a ton of time to hit the driving range or play a lot, these are like hitting your favorite club all the time.

Pro-Line Irons
Steve m. (Cheyenne, US)
Great Irons

I have used the Pro-Line irons for a little over a year. Easy to hit, accurate and consistent. Maybe proof could be my latest outing hitting to the green, from the rough, about 175 yards out, hitting my 5 iron and ball stops on the green 3 feet from the pin. This has been the results always straight at the target. Looking forward to seeing how the driver and fairway woods will work.

Regal Irons
Raj S. (Delhi, IN)
1Iron Regal Golf set

Dear David,
I bought 1Iron regal golf irons , woods and driver accepting your word for it to be comparable with the best in the world. This because I was returning to India before I could play and assess its performance. I couldn’t have availed 30 days return warranty if I didn’t like the set.
I have had four outings with it and I am pleased to announce that I have never hit a golf ball with better feel and control. Golf appears such a simple sport now. Thank you. For me Regal irons are the best.
Thank you
Raj sharma

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver
THOMAS B. (Port Aransas, US)

1 Iron Dark Horse Driver

Blackstone Complete Sets
Mauro R. (Farmingdale, US)
Just not working for me

I have given the clubs a full and fair 3 week "tryout". Unfortunately, they do not meet up to the results I had hoped for or anticipated. I gave them a ranking of 3, as they are not a bad looking set by any means and when I was able to make solid contact, they performed OK, but still not up to that of my "gamers". Was hoping that would not be the case, but what didn't work best for me, may and could work well for someone else. Woods worked better than irons for me, but still could not match what I currently had in my bag.
I will be looking to return them under the 30-day, money back guarantee offered. I will do this in a separate email, so feel free to remove that part of this review, should you want to post this on your site.
I much appreciate the opportunity to try these unique clubs.
Mauro Raccuglia

Blackstone Complete Sets
stephen w. (Farmingdale, US)
I will be returning the clubs

Great look. The ball doesn’t come off the club face like my Mavriks. 11/2 to 2 club distance shorter with the One Iron

Hi! Thanks for the review, we have reached out to you via email as well. Yes, it is understandable that you lost yardage with our irons unless you compare the actual loft angle to what you were using to the loft angle of our irons. Almost all manufacturers have strengthened the loft angle on their irons by 1 club, we have not done this. Read the following article I wrote specifically on this, The Truth About Loft Angles: - which will give you a much better understanding. You can see all our loft angles for each line on our Irons Page -->

1 Iron Big-O Putter
Bobby D. (Saint Charles, US)
Great putter

Love the putter. Great weight and balance

Used/Demo Blackstone Irons
Bobby D.
Love the black stone irons

Haven’t played a round with them yet, but spending a lot of time on the driving range practicing and getting use to them.