Designing the 1 Iron Regal Irons with David Lake of One Iron Golf

We are proud to introduce our new line of irons, the 1 Iron Regals. They are designed for truly dynamic ball striking and a rock-solid feel at impact. A deep perimeter weighted, undercut rear cavity produces a level of forgiveness on off center hits that is not found on standard clubhead designs – truly an Ultra Game Improvement iron. The Regals are plated with an extremely durable gold finish which is not only eye popping, but also virtually impervious to excessive wearing typical of other coatings. We regard the Regals as the ultimate in solid ball striking, accuracy, and distance when compared to other irons throughout the golf industry. Custom built to a single club length, which is the hallmark of 1 Iron Golf (the leader in single-length irons for over 25 years), our Regals will produce the highest level of consistency and ball striking for any golfer. The Regals join our other lines of irons: 1 Iron, Pro-line, and Blackstone, to provide the benefits of single-length play at all price points for our customers. In conjunction with our driver, fairway woods, and putter we offer a complete game for any golfer.

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  • Jeff Brummette

    Why can’t you just make a conventional set one length. I can’t afford yours an I’ve been wanting a set of one length irons for years. So I think I will try to make my old pings one length.
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Jeff,

    It is not possible to build or convert a set of golf clubs for single-length play using conventional clubheads. A set of single-length clubheads must be the exact same weight and have the exact same lie angle, bounce angle, face offset, etc., plus the shafts must be the exact same flex throughout the set. Conventional clubheads are progressively weighted in 7gram increments from the #3 iron through the wedges and have progressive lie angles, offsets, bounce angles, and progressive shaft flex throughout the set. It is impossible to adjust the lie/loft angles of conventional irons without creating stress fractures in the hosel, and certainly cannot bend them over 2º without snapping the hosel. Therefore, it becomes impossible to modify a set of conventional iron clubheads for single-length play.

  • Bruce Kieran

    Can u send me a catalogue
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Bruce! We don’t have a catalog, just an online store.

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