One Iron Golf System

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Superiority of Single-Length

Conventional golf clubs are built in 1/2 inch length increments with varying club head lie angles throughout a set. This means that besides the driver and putter you carry 12 clubs having 12 different lengths and 12 different lie angles. Consequently, in order to develop your full ball striking potential with conventional golf equipment you have to learn and master 12 different swings with 12 different swing postures, 12 different swing planes, and 12 different ball positions.

Since all of the irons in a set of single-length irons are the the same club length (custom fitted), weight, flex, and lie angle you can eliminate all of those extra unnecessary swings that you are now using and concentrate on just one swing and ball position. From that point on you are ingraining your one true fluid and powerful swing deeper and deeper with every shot you hit regardless of which iron you are using. No need to go to the range anymore with a bag full of irons - by practicing with just one iron you are effectively practicing with them all.

There Is Nothing Ordinary About Our Results

*Guaranteed Results: 100% Money-Back Return Policy

*Mid/High Handicapper: Average 10-15 Stroke Reduction in Handicap

*Low Handicapper: The Dramatic Increase in Swing Consistency Eliminates Those Last Few Strokes

Single-Length Golf Clubs

Just like all golfers, you have a favorite iron that you hit perfectly every time you pull it out of the bag. Why do you have just this one favorite iron out of your entire set? It is because it is the only one that actually comes close to fitting you properly and allows your body to make its most fluid and powerful swing.

It is simply common sense that in order for you to play your best all of the irons within your set should be built to the same fitting and dynamic specifications as this favorite iron producing an entire set of favorite irons (same length, weight, flex, lie angle, etc.). A custom fitted set of single-length golf clubs produces a stunning increase in consistent ball striking, distance, and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels and is the premise of the One Iron Golf System. Imagine being able to hit your #3 iron with the same ball striking consistency as you do your #9 iron and wedges.

Multiple Swings with Conventional Irons

Only One Swing with a Set of 1 Irons

Use Just One Swing and Ball Position

It is practically impossible for the average golfer to develop a consistent golf swing with a set of conventional irons, where each one requires a different swing and ball position.

Since all of the irons in a set of 1 Irons are the same length and have the same lie angle you need only one swing and ball position. You will experience a level of swing and solid ball striking consistency that you never thought possible.

Practice with one club

One Swing, One Ball Position

*Greater Power and Distance

*Extreme Ball Striking Improvement

*Stunning Accuracy and Control

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