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Through the application of physiology, there is an ideal swing posture/swing plane that optimizes your skeletal and muscular functions to maximize both power and control in your golf swing. Through extensive testing performed at the One Iron Golf Testing Center, we have found conclusively that the ideal swing posture and swing plane for iron play is produced through the incorporation of a 63.5º club-head lie angle. The combination of this lie angle with your properly fitted club length forces you into this ideal swing and posture resulting in complete skeletal and muscular optimization. Since a set of 1 Irons is custom-built to your ideal single club length in relation to the ideal lie angle you will be assured of a stunning increase in your level of ball striking consistency, power, and accuracy. You will be as confident hitting your #3 and #4 irons as you are with your #9 iron and wedges and will gain distance with every iron in your set over your old irons.


We only install our proprietary steel shafts in our irons and fairway woods. The design of our golf shafts in combination with our proprietary Shaft Optimization Process produces a perfectly balanced golf club (all other brands use stock shafts with no balance criteria whatsoever). Once this perfect balance is achieved, the concept of shaft flex disappears and the golf club will perform at its peak performance level regardless of swing speed or strength. You can liken it to a precisely balanced bullwhip where there is a perfect transfer of power along its length from the butt to the tip regardless of the strength of the person using it. Our golf clubs are played by professional golfers and long-drive champions with extremely high swing speeds and played by senior men and women golfers with very low swing speeds. In either case, the golfer will realize their optimum distance, trajectory, and control/accuracy. The results of our studies and testing over the past twenty years have shown that our shafting method produces the highest level of performance for any golfer.

We are the only golf club manufacturer to perform shaft flex plane orientation as part of our proprietary Shaft Optimization Process. If a golf club is shafted without regard to its inherent flex plane the shaft will try to rotate around its axis to a position of stability during the swing which creates an oscillation of the shaft and clubhead. This oscillation results in the clubhead literally wobbling through impact which causes miss-hits and is the main cause of "impact shock.” When the shaft is correctly oriented with respect to its inherent flex plane it will resist twisting to any other position when placed under load and will remain stable through impact. It is as if the clubhead is riding on rails through the impact zone.


We only install our oversize grips on our golf clubs. We have found through our testing over the past twenty-five years that this type and size of grip produces a much greater degree of surface-to-skin contact than standard-size grips, allowing for a greater transfer of swing force and a much higher degree of control and accuracy.

Quality Control

Our golf clubs are built in the USA and every club goes through a twelve-point quality control inspection process before being shipped to the customer. Many other brands mass produce their clubs overseas with unskilled labor. Our golf clubs are custom-built by highly skilled club-making professionals who constantly check and double-check the dynamic and custom-fitting specifications for each individual order and we keep these specifications on file forever.​

Consistent Distances​

Unlike conventional golf clubs, 1 Irons are designed with a consistent incremental 4-degree loft angle progression between successive clubs. This means that since you are using the same swing and ball position with each club you will get an exact and consistent yardage gap between all of the golf clubs within your set. This can only be achieved with a single-length set of golf clubs and certainly not with a conventional set where the incremental loft angle progression varies from club to club.

Competitor Comparison Chart

Competitor Comparison Chart


Single-Length irons have been used to win 8 times and counting on the PGA Tour over the past couple of years, validating what we have been promoting for over two decades. We began developing the concept of Single-Length play in 1997 when we coined the term Single Length Irons, and up until just the past few years we were the only ones in the golf industry who offered Single-Length golf clubs. Once our research, testing, philosophy, and golf club designs had been tour proven and our concept of Single-Length play had become immensely popular with golfers worldwide, a number of brands sprung up to “jump on the bandwagon” so to speak. None of them had any experience in Single-Length theory or golf club design and simply put sets of clubs together based on conventional golf club design theory which simply does not work in the context of Single-Length play. Yes, there is a reason we have been in business for over 25 years and our 1 Irons are considered the Gold Standard of Single-Length irons in the golf industry.

In the decade prior to the turn of the century our founder, David Lake, began developing, what later would become, the One Iron Golf System and the basis for Single-Length play.

David Lake founder of 1 Iron Golf

David, a highly regarded professional golf club designer, had always been skeptical of the need for the standard 1/2-inch length increments between clubs within a set of conventional golf clubs. Acting on this skepticism, David began an in-depth study of the dynamics of golf clubs in relation to playability. Early on it became apparent that the progressive incremental length increases between successive golf clubs had no effect on distance but a progressively negative effect on playability. David knew that there had to be an easier, more consistent approach to the game and the answer was that all of the golf clubs within a specific design grouping (ie: irons, fairway woods) should be built to the same club length with the same clubhead lie angle, weight, shafting, offset, bounce angle, etc. And, extremely important, the clubs should be custom-fitted to the individual golfer.

In 1998 David published the results of his findings in his book "One Iron Golf…the common-sense approach to better golf." Since then, David has been featured in many golf magazine articles and media interviews and is recognized as the world’s foremost authority on single-length golf club design. His 1 Iron line of golf clubs continues to be the Gold Standard against which all brands of single-length golf clubs are judged.

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