The Gold Standard
of Single-Length Irons

for over 25 years

For over 25 years our 1 Irons have been the industry standard for Single-Length golf club design and performance. There is no substitute for experience!

Our iron lines are not built for any particular handicap, age, or skill level.

Our cavity backed perimeter weighted clubhead design provides a maximum forgiving clubhead experience.

All three lines are the easiest to hit irons you will ever own.

Limited Edition

Regal Line

One length irons sole plate of the 1 Iron Line

1 Iron

Our original namesake iron line that introduced the golfing world to single-length play in 1997. These clubs have evolved over the years, but they continue to incorporate a denser club head mass than the other lines to maximize ball compression. You can use the same swing and ball position with every iron and on every shot for a stunning improvement in your ball striking ability. Just imagine how your game will improve when your #3 and #4 irons are as easy to hit as your wedges.

One Iron Golf irons sole plate of the Pro-Line Irons


Based upon the proven clubhead design of our original 1 Irons, we designed the Pro-Line for the next-level golfer looking to maximize distance without compromising accuracy. This iron line is modeled after touring irons, incorporating the design features that professional golfers prefer: lighter clubhead weight for added swing speed, 2º stronger loft angles for a more penetrating ball flight, and a stiffer shaft tip section for enhanced stability through impact. Available in right and left hand.

Blackstone Irons 8 Iron Set showing club faces.


Our premier line of irons are without a doubt the most advanced set of single-length irons in the golf industry. Capitalize on precision and accurate shot making with the Blackstones. Proper clubface alignment at address is key when it comes to dropping approach shots on the pin. Alignment being off by only 1º or 2º either way means adding an extra 8 to 15 feet to your birdie putt. The Blackstone's bright white scoring lines against the black PVD background makes club-face alignment exact and automatic at address and shafting with our proprietary black steel shafts eliminates any potential glare at address. Old fashioned club numbering has been replaced by the actual loft angles for precise club selection and distance control. Available in right and left hand.



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Our irons are not method specific and are played and recommended by conventional PGA instructors as well as single-plane (Natural Golf), PPGS, Stack and Tilt, and other swing method instructors and advocates. Regardless of the swing method or address position used the ideal position of the body, wrists, and arms are identical at the point of ball impact. Simply put, it is not important how you get to the ideal impact position as long as you end up in the ideal impact position. Consequently, since your 1 Irons, Pro-Lines, Blackstones and Regals are custom built to your ideal club length in relation to the ideal impact position they will produce enhanced ball striking no matter what swing method is employed. It might be of interest to note that Moe Norman (single-plane swing) played single-length golf clubs throughout his entire competitive career.

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