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Questions Pertaining to Clubs

The price depends on what you would like in your set. We offer 3 lines of irons, low-profile fairway woods, and more. You create your perfect custom fitted set of clubs. Please see our Shop page for all set makeups and pricing.

Human beings all have the same mechanical structure regardless of size, strength, age, or gender. The hinging points or axis are the same for everyone as well as skeletal, tendon, joint, and muscle function. This is why exercise machines at a health club can be used by anyone and produce the same results. The only adjustment necessary in these machines is for the length of the arms, legs, etc. of the individual. By the same token all golf clubs should be built to the same specifications with the only adjustment being made to the length of the golf club in relation to the optimum lie angle. 

It is true that the stronger golfer will achieve greater distance than the weaker golfer and is the reason why golf courses offer varying tee box locations. This is just a function of individual strength that produces a greater swing force with a higher swing speed, but it does not alter the sound mechanical principles of a well designed golf club. For instance, those golfers with a very low swing speed should substitute #5 and #7 woods for the #3 and #4 irons. The specifications of the golf clubs, however, should never be altered based on the strength of the golfer. A mechanically perfect golf club design is mechanically perfect for everyone regardless of strength, size, age, or gender. 1 Iron Golf clubs are being played and enjoyed by men and women in every age and strength category world-wide. 

Our iron lines are not for any particular handicap, age, or skill level. They are upgraded club heads and shafting as you progress through the sets. We designed the Pro-line as max distance irons and the Blackstone line for precision and accuracy. 

The clubhead design of our standard 1 Irons, our Pro-Line, and Blackstone line has the same high level of playability, cavity backed, and perimeter weighted for max forgiveness. The specifications/tolerances of the Pro-Line over the 1 Irons are tighter and the face and sole grinding is more precise, as with the Blackstone. The loft angles are 2º stronger in the Pro-Line for increased distance. The Pro-Line and Blackstone club heads are lighter in weight than the 1 Irons for increased swing speed. Also the shafts have a stiffer tip section for increased stability through impact and tighter shot dispersion. 

The Blackstone line has black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish for zero glare at address. A PVD finish produces a harder surface for extra ball compression and greater distance with a similarly lofted iron. Also, they have bright white scoring lines for precise clubface alignment at address. The Blackstone irons have loft angles instead of unreliable club numbering for exact distance control and they are shafted with our proprietary Black Steel shafts for zero glare and tour performance. 

However, in order to make the transition from iron numbering to loft angles easy for the golfer we are including a free package of Distance Clips with each order. These simply clip on the club beneath the hosel and are in 10 yard increments from 40 to 200 yards/meters. We are also including free window headcovers with each order as well.

All of the scoring lines paint filled white almost make it impossible for you to be out of position with a golf ball against it. How many times have you had a #9 iron shot to the green, you hit it perfectly and straight but it's 5 yards to the left or right of the green. Having that visual comparison will drastically reduce that from happening.    

Read more on our Irons page.

The benefits of the One Iron Golf System cannot be realized by testing only one or two irons. The power and consistency inherent in using only one swing plane, one swing posture, and one ball position can only be realized through the use of a complete set of irons. A single 1 Iron Golf club is just another club in your bag, whereas a set of 1 Iron Golf clubs creates a system that produces stunning results.

Our 3 lines of irons, low-profile fairway woods, and putter are built with optimized steel shafts. Optimized steel shafts greatly outperform graphite when it comes to ground contact clubs. Graphite is good for use in drivers and hybrids which are designed to sweep the ball. Our driver is built with a graphite shaft.

Obtaining your wrist-to-floor measurement at home is simple. Please follow the instructions on our Fitting page for details.

Shaft length is only part of the equation. In a conventional iron set the club heads are progressively weighted so your swing speed will vary with each iron. Also, the lie angle, bounce angle, and degrees of offset vary in a conventional iron set. All of those have to be equal in order for you to have one consistent swing, which our irons do, and they are custom built to you as an individual. The only difference in our irons is a precise 4° loft angle progression for accurate distance gaps of 10 yards between the irons.

Shipping & Locations

We ship worldwide. International shipping charges include brokerage/clearance fees. Import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer and will be collected upon delivery. If these taxes are not paid your order will be shipped back to us and we will have no alternative but to deduct from your refund the cost of shipping both ways and the import duties/taxes charged to us. Check with your local customs office for estimated duties/taxes.

We custom build and ship all orders within 10-14 business days of purchase. Please allow an additional 2-3 days for FedEx delivery in the continental U.S. and an additional 4-5 days for delivery for international orders. Your 30-day return for new iron sets and clubs begins the day you receive your order, not the date of purchase.

Unfortunately we cannot be everywhere for a demo event. Since we custom build each order by master club builders with 25 years experience based on several wrist-to-floor measurements, we cannot sell them in stores. To compensate for this, you can try our new iron sets taking advantage of our full 30-day return policy. We want you to take our irons to the driving range, as you would any new set of irons, and test them for a full month at your home course and convenience. This is much better than hitting off a golf mat a few times before making a significant purchase that cannot be returned. If there is anything you do not like about our clubs within 30 days, simply let us know and return them for a full refund.

More Questions?

Please reach out to us by email at sales@1irongolf.com or by filling out our Contact Form. Thanks!