Learn the differences between Conventional Irons and Single-Length Irons

President and Founder of One Iron Golf, David Lake, explains the difference between conventional irons and single-length irons. Watch and find out why single-length irons just make sense! 


  • Frank Rott

    We’re in Canada can look at a set
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Frank! Since we custom build each order to the individual based on your individual wrist-to-floor measurement, by club builders with 25 years experience in the U.S., we cannot sell our irons in stores but only through our website which is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all new clubs. This is much better than hitting a few balls off a golf mat before making a significant investment. Please see our website for complete details, thank you!

  • Frank Rott

    Where can I go to get a new set

  • Steve

    Interesting concept! Well explained! Do you have live locations in Ontario Canada

  • Justin Quattro

    Hi there. I’m from Ontario Canada. Wondering if there are any stores or demo centers where I might be able to test your irons out?

    Would be great to try this style iron out. I like the idea behind it all. But wouldn’t purchase until I could try them out.

    Thanks. Justin

  • Daniel Bertovich

    I’m a little confused on the 30% discount on the used blackstone clubs . Your new set price is 1,242 for set of 11 clubs when I do the math with the discount $1,242-30%=$870 but your used clubs price indicates $1,099 if you could clear this up for me it would be greatly appreciated.
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    The new sets are on sale as well for 20% off. 🙂 This is a limited time sale and discounts are already applied.

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