Learn the differences between Conventional Irons and Single-Length Irons

President and Founder of One Iron Golf, David Lake, explains the difference between conventional irons and single-length irons. Watch and find out why single-length irons just make sense! 


  • Richard Tate

    I had a set of irons custom made years ago and had them all made the same length and I loved them. Good job for finally doing what I have been preaching for years.
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Richard, that’s great to hear. We’ve been specializing in single-length clubs for over 25 years. They are definitely the way to go!

  • Paul Selvey

    With these irons. As you get to 5,4,3 iron. Does the weight and or flex change slightly to accommodate launch as to get proper distances between irons
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi! The weight and flex do not change. The only difference in our irons is a precise 4° loft angle progression for accurate distance gaps of 10 yards between the irons. Thank you!

  • Robert Kopishke

    Are the shafts steel or graphite?
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Robert, all our irons and fairway woods are shafted with our optimized steel shafts. We only offer our optimized steel shafts in our irons and fairway woods. The design of our golf shafts in combination with our proprietary Shaft Optimization Process produces a perfectly balanced golf club (other brands use stock shafts with no balance criteria). Once this perfect balance is achieved the concept of shaft flex disappears and the golf club will perform at its peak performance level regardless of swing speed or strength. You can read more about them here: https://1irongolf.com/pages/our-brand.

  • Ray

    So how far does a 5 iron go in relation to a 7 iron? Longer irons go farther not only because of less loft but also a longer shaft. ?
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Ray, shaft length is only part of the equation. In a conventional iron set the club heads are progressively weighted so your swing speed will vary with each iron. Also, the lie angle, bounce angle, and degrees of offset vary in a conventional iron set. All of those have to be equal in order for you to have one consistent swing which our irons do and they are custom built to you as an individual. The only difference in our irons is a precise 4° loft angle progression for accurate distance gaps of 10 yards between the irons. You will hit your 5 iron 20 yards farther than your 7 iron. Thank you!

  • Mark Brownlee

    This makes perfect sense. I hit laser targeted shots between my 6&8 irons. Yet outside those, l miss increasingly wide of target, either way. Years ago l cut my driver shaft to 3 wood length, to find the fairway and l did. I’m 72 and wish l would have learned of one iron tech long ago. Ikr be buying a set soon. Good science makes good sense.

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