Learn the differences between Conventional Irons and Single-Length Irons

President and Founder of One Iron Golf, David Lake, explains the difference between conventional irons and single-length irons. Watch and find out why single-length irons just make sense! 


  • Ron Elliott

    I’ll have to wait until someone has used ones as I can’t afford them

    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Ron! We have used/demo sets available now, which are 30% off the regular price. In addition, there is financing available through Shop Pay during checkout. Let us know if we can help! One Iron Golf <https://1irongolf.com>

  • Tony Crisco

    Looks like it would be more consistent ball striking.
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Tony! Definitely, and if you look through our reviews you will see that our customers can confirm this! Let us know how we can help you further. One Iron Golf <https://1irongolf.com>

  • Chuck Roach

    Where can you try them out
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Hi Chuck! As an internet-based company in Ohio, we do not operate a facility for customers to visit or try our golf clubs. We feel that to truly evaluate a set of golf clubs to determine if they are right for you takes time; hence, our 30-day return policy (does not include Used/Demo golf clubs). This allows you to play them at your home course for a full month to truly evaluate their performance. Realistically, hitting a few balls into a net at a golf store or at a demo day event tells you absolutely nothing. To our knowledge, we are the only golf club manufacturer in the entire industry who offers a full money-back return policy on golf clubs after they have been played which should tell you volumes about our commitment to our customers. Let us know how we can help you further! One Iron Golf <https://1irongolf.com>

  • Jeff Barr

    What iron length do you use? For example are they all the 5 iron length?

  • Rick Goad

    Always been interested in same length irons but never tried it. JUST MAKES SENSE.

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