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Blackstone Irons Set

The most advanced set of Single-Length Irons in the golf industry. 

Proper clubface alignment at address is everything when it comes to dropping approach shots on the pin.  Alignment being off by only 1º or 2º either way means adding an extra 8 to 15 feet to your birdie putt.  The Blackstone's bright white scoring lines against the black PVD background makes club-face alignment exact and automatic at address. Over time you will see a wearing of the black finish on the sole and leading edge of the clubhead which is perfectly normal and indicates that you are hitting the ball crisply with the ideal down-and-through swing, leaving a small divot at or just beyond the ball. You will obviously notice this more on the 55º sand wedge or any other iron played from the sand. Important: hitting off of mats at the driving range will destroy the finish on the the soles of any plated irons such as the Blackstones or Regals.

Distance clips for golf clubs in the product bag. Distance clips shown on the golf club.

To make an easy transition from numbered irons to our Blackstone loft designated irons, we include a package of distance clips that simply clip onto the shaft above the hosel. The clips are marked for yardage with gaps in 10 yard increments. It is simply a matter of determining your distance with each iron and then clipping on the appropriate distance for that club.

With a set of Blackstones you will find a lot more birdies on the golf course.

  • Includes headcovers and distance clips.
  • Black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish for zero glare at address.
  • PVD finish produces a harder surface for extra ball compression and greater distance.
  • Bright white scoring lines for precise clubface alignment at address.
  • Loft angles instead of club numbering for precise distance control.
  • State of the art precision face and sole grinding.
  • Deep undercut rear cavity produces a low center of gravity for maximum trajectory and distance.
  • Identical swing-weight and moment of inertia (MOI) throughout the set.
  • Shafted with our proprietary Black Steel shafts for zero glare and extreme tour performance.
  • Shaft flex plane orientation (Spine Align/Puring).
  • Identical shaft flex throughout the set
  • Custom fitted based upon your wrist-to-floor measurement.
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf.
  • Available in right and left hand.
  • Built in the USA.

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Blackstone Iron Specifications
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