The 1 Iron Big-O Putter

The 1 Iron Big-O Putter on the Green

After years of research and testing we are proud to offer, what we consider, the ultimate putter in the golf industry. Designed with extreme counterbalancing, our face balanced putter head is much heavier than standard for the highest level of clubhead stability and consistency throughout the stroke. The clubhead is then counterbalanced with a much heavier grip than a standard putter so that the center of gravity is moved much closer to the player’s hands which promotes the larger muscles of the shoulders in making a pure and smooth pendulum putting stroke for pro-level putting. Our Big-O Putter is not method specific and will drastically improve your putting regardless of your preferred putting method.

1 Iron Big-O Putter Sole PlateTo optimize your stroke stability through proper counterbalancing you will want to measure your current putter and then order the next size up Big-O Putter. The extra club length should extend beyond your wrists when you grip the club to ensure optimum counterbalancing.

Sizes: 35”, 36”, 37”

Measuring your current putter length graphicPutting Stroke Counterbalancing Graphic


Effective Lie Angle: 72º, Loft Angle: 3º
Clubhead weight: 385gms
Grip weight: 155gms
Face balanced
Includes Embroidered Black Headcover

Start sinking putts from all over the green and watch your friends' jaws drop! 


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