Getting Fitted for Single Length Irons | Stick & Hack Show Highlight

From Episode 38: Ever been fitted for golf clubs? How about golf clubs that only require one measurement? Answers from One Iron Golf's Director of Operations, Matt Lake, may surprise you. 

This is a Stick & Hack Highlight from Episode 38. To watch or listen to the full episode click here.

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  • One Iron Golf

    Jerry, the lie angles are all the same at 63.5° for each iron. The only difference between each iron are the loft angles and with a precise 4° loft angle progression where you will have exact distance gaps of 10 yards. Thank you!

  • One Iron Golf

    Dave, fitting yourself is simple to do at home. Please visit our Fitting page for instructions on how to obtain your wrist-to-floor measurement. Thank you!

  • Dave Elmore

    Where can I get fitted at near Joplin mo?

  • Jerry

    You’re saying all the angles are the same degrees?

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