Stick & Hack Show: Episode 38 | Single Length Clubs | One Iron Golf

Golf clubs with one length? Unheard of until recently! Or was it... Adam and Mike discuss the history of Tommy Armour, a pioneer in using golf clubs with similar shafts. In the more recent years, One Iron Golf was established by Matt Lake and is dedicated to fitting golfers with iron sets consisting of only one club length. Crazy, or revolutionary? Bryson DeChambeau seems okay with it. How much TV does Matt Lake watch? Clearly not enough as he helps decide which TV characters are in or out of the foursome. Visit for the best in golf entertainment, tips, laughs, and community. 


  • Heike Kauffman

    To the admin, Your posts are always well-referenced and credible.

  • Chet Teague

    Hi administrator, Your posts are always well received by the community.

  • One Iron Golf

    Hi Clark! If you compare your iron loft angles to our loft angles you will see that you will get the same distance or improve your distance. Please see our video, “The Truth About Loft Angles,” for more clarification. Thanks!

  • Clark

    I am looking forward to trying out the entire set! My only trepidation comes from listening to others online who say I won’t be able to get similar distance that I get from my current long irons.

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