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Let’s Shatter Some Myths and Misunderstandings About Single Length Golf Clubs

769: Bryson DeChambeau’s recent success on the PGA Tour has made single length golf clubs relevant. But are they for everyone? This week’s guest on Golf Smarter is Matt Lake of Matt claims that the major manufacturers focus on different length shafts for each club for the purposes of mass production and scalability of their business. 1 Iron Golf refuses to mass produce as an independent club maker who custom fits every set to every customer. The goal is for each user to have the exact same swing for every club, which could improve consistency, distance, and accuracy. We were first introduced to by Matt’s Dad, David in 2009 (episode 76 of Golf Smarter Mulligans).

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  • Blair Smith

    Pretty interesting post!
    1 Iron Golf replied:
    Thank you!

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